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  1. For your birthday I wish you lots of huge, fantastic gifts and lots of fun with your friends!


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  2. hello duygu, i think it's just a brilliant idea
  3. hello darling, i don't know if you know him because it was over 6-7 years ago his name was kerim was my best friend and yes i miss him so much, haha baby i have friends in real life who are gay or bisexual. human is human . I find something quite normal because everyone decides for himself. I love people as they are, it doesn't matter whether black or white I love it 😍😘
  4. happy Birthday darling
    I wish you health, happiness and wellbeing
    and that all wishes come true..<3



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  5. is really a great idea, especially if you are bored you could play games
  6. Very good and creative idea Crow
  7. happy birthdayΒ 


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  8. happy birthday enjoy your day and make the best of it..Β (cute)

  9. I wish you a happy birthday, enjoy your day and make the best of it.


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  10. The first friend I met at xat was a boy. I became a best friend with him. After time passed, he told me that he was actually a girl and that he felt like a man, so I was surprised at first, then I got used to it.I greet my friend who lives in Hamburg, I miss it so much.. xat friendship used to be very nice and there are a lot of people that I miss. It's been a long time, everyone was children and innocent .. there are so many moments I can't forget but their place is different for me.
  11. Since the account is not fake, everyone writes their opinions on their own will, if attention is paid to the accounts, they are not new. Need innovations to sohbet chat the number of people decreases as the day goes on It's good to be innovative I hope something will be done.
  12. So people it's not about whether you stay or go. is an idea that xat sohbet ne changes and can test something New: D who can read also notices that nothing was mentioned from the way the main's should go and select new xD
  13. Hello Forum Family I would have a suggestion but I saw that html5 every month someone changes as (main) and owner and would suggest how that xat sohbet would be? about 3-4 months someone (main) becomes and that it grows Who should be the (main) I would advise the (volunters) to select it. Actually a good idea that people also see what kind of work they do as (main) and what responsibilities they have. I think everyone would have fun with it and be happy. How do you see that? what do you think about this idea?
  14. oh am thrilled, I hope it will be accepted
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