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  1. Yes! I would be happy to choose if I will be disconnected or not. It's really annoying to be disconnected without your will. I agree with Raven's proposal.
  2. RadioDoamna


    Is anyone here? I need help. A person tells me that I am suspected of illegalities and tells me to transfer the powers, charges and days to his account. He did not decline his identity. He contacted me by chat and then by e-mail and threatened me that if I don't pass the powers on his name, he will close my account. His email is <removed> and login <removed>
  3. Thank you, Abrahan...

    1. Abrahan


      Salut Doamna, you are welcome! :) 

  4. Good evening! I need help! The chat I'm running has a problem. At some point if I check the friends list, I notice that no one is online and so I realize that the chat is blocked. Many times when users refresh the chat, they return to a chat where there are only 2-3 users. We are divided into groups of 3-4 users or we find ourselves chatting. What to do? (It would help me a lot if you answered me in Romanian) Thank you for help! P.S My chat is https://xat.com/Radio_Doamna2016
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