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  1. Everything cooked on fire meat, seafood, vegetables. The smell and flavor are always much better. My sister and I we even bought our daddy a smoker (or a grill, I don't differ it) so now every weekend we can cook on fire and have family gatherings.
  2. Michael Jackson, he was such a strong person with great ideas. His music, lyrics, videos and dancing, everything what he did was so talented. My favorite songs are "'They Don't Care About Us" and "You Rock My World"
  3. jewelry My tongue just doesn't want to move inside my mouth saying this word
  4. Tiwi

    Juice Stand Power

    I tried to make this drink for my kids, but I faced a little problem. I think my juicer (like this one) is suitable only for making orange or lemon juice. Peaches and mangoes are just smashed into mush. If you tried to make it at home, how did you get juice? Did you use blander or any other kind of juicer?
  5. I like flat white, perfect mix of milk and black coffee. By the way I wanted to ask for help from you coffee lovers. Last week I got some really good Turkish coffee, but I realized that my grinder just disappeared. So I need to buy a new one, but I don't remember the brand. It was pretty similar to this one but smaller. I would be really happy to hear any recommendations from you
  6. I want to visit Hong Kong one day. I imagine it as another planet. But I'm afraid that not this year, I suppose it is still closed for travelers.
  7. I can draw pretty well. To be honest, when I was a kid, I wanted to make my own cartoons
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