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  1. Happy New Year! 2021 Scor ing for couples bingo! 10 rounds Enter and sign up with Rosita in pv2 Couple that accumulates the most points wins. There will only be one winning couple! Prize: 20k Home couple, 10k Visiting couple Good luck to everyone.
  2. I play for 5k PInk --------------- Piiinky160 (1513916216)
  3. Came the day Present Pink ----- Piiinky160 (1513916216)
  4. Nathy ¡Feliz Cumple!

    Espero que la pases de maravilla y que tus buenos momentos se te multipliquen. (applause)(hug)

    Happy Birthday GIF by swerk

    1. Nathaly


      graciaas linda pink (hug)

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