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  1. Brilliant, thanks for the feedback
  2. but when we click on our name at the top, we can see that the smile I want to use appears, and when typing in the main chat it is suddenly flashing, I don't know if this is a bug or if it is only for use in a flah player, if I I'm wrong, I'm sorry, but I thought it was important to report, I am available to help you in this regard if you want to contact me by chat follow my ID: TommySheLby (296027270)
  3. Tommy

    Bug HTML5

    Thanks for the reply, in case there are other bugs I will be posting to help the team
  4. When hovering the mouse over the account option, to be able to log out, if it is one using a gif and not a photo in jpg or png, it does not give us the option to log out only shows us the user name and id and the gif that we are using, without showing the option to log out, friend and users reported this problem to me, and I thought it was better to post to be more aware of this little problem, it does not interfere with anything, some users wanted this normal
  5. My list of suggested (unregistered) IDs: 172818 2020911 281918 1992012 434343 2000000
  6. Yes, I like the suggestion of our friend Vevrok, and I liked the name Hollow or HollowFace, and I hope you accept this suggestion I will buy if you accept
  7. I suggested HollowFace, or just Hollow, as it looks like the Hollows from the Bleach anime
  8. I liked the power, I would call it Hollow
  9. Tommy

    HTML5 Bugado

    I realized, I just posted for other people to see that it is a problem, and that it will soon be fixed, because I am the help person
  10. Tommy

    HTML5 Bugado

    When I login everything happens normal, more when entering xats in hmtl5 the login error, however when switching to flash everything is normal, I made available some prints with html5 and flash see
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