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  1. yeah i got the ticket up now, thanks can close this down Vol's / Staff.
  2. 1: i tried to open a ticket and i stated in big bold letters that i can't open a ticket 2: i've tried all emails that i THINK might be linked to it already and all of them say it isn't hence the HINT part needed 3: I'm pretty sure i need an email to do the "Lost access" topic 4: I do have access to Derpnewid but i don't think i can create a ticket on there either cause i don't have a forums account for it. Don't mean to sound like an A'hole but I've been trying to get this account back for a few days now and the help seems to be getting less and less everyday. All i wanna do is recover my account and it seems like that isn't being done.
  3. been actually years now since i've logged into the account i'm trying to recover which is: Derp(93221172) <-- the ID to this account used to be on "derpsnewid" and the Derp account ID was: 353162332; The account Derpsnewid(353162332) is also on hold if that could be fixed as well cause i'm not sure if i have powers on there or not or if they're all on Derp(93221172) i did check the emails that i think might be linked to it and it says that the emails aren't valid. I don't know what email is linked to Derp and i could use a hint i don't think i had any other recovery linked to the account or if i did its all old. I can DM a vol or staff some of the emails that MIGHT be linked to them problem is i can't check old emails cause all my emails are wiped on all my yahoo emails expect my oldest one which i know isn't linked to the account i wanna recover. If you wanna open a ticket for me cause i can't do that either without buying xats I've tried many different times that'll work as well then we can talk details about the account | I no longer live where i used to so that might be an issue with the recovery.
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