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  1. today another day of work in the hospital God bless all the ladies / elderly who suffer ..(hug) <3

  2. proud of you, you have been very good @xRavennn
  3. special thanks to @Lemona for choosing ganar as a second stop <3
  4. disagreeing on a choice does not mean that he cannot get it, this post of yours is provocative and meaningless.
  5. c'è ne vuole ancora di pastasciutta CAMPIONI.


    1. Magic



    2. xMarco



  6. The best moderator I want to choose, congratulations <3 a world of good you already know <3
  7. happy birthday siss tvb (hug) spero passi una bella giornata

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you (blowkiss)

  8. as I see it, no one here is an influencer if we reward people who have helped on the site this is another matter I am always of the opinion that the paying user must have the opportunity to get a little man of another color because how they help people with tickets etc. even paying users help in their own small way.
  9. @xLamingI have not touched any scam button, I just answered bau on what I thought, honestly laming your point of view I did not understand it at all, what does the windows license matter have to do with it? what does it have to do with helping a person and asking for someone else's pc? here we talk about a powers, to express one's point of view but I have read absurd things like hatred towards volunteers, let's be serious we always talk about a power, let's remove this word hatred towards a person for a power.
  10. @Bauwait wait, you are misunderstanding I am not saying that volunteers do not deserve this award but what I simply want to say is that besides them obviously taking time for the site BY THEIR CHOICE, no one is obliged to do so this is my concept how they are awarded them for the time dedicated to helping people should also be rewarded the user who spends money to make the site work, I mean that all users are a fundamental part of xat.com starting from the volunteer to the last user. As for scams, there is a guide to avoiding scams.
  11. there is no talk of hate, hate is a word that cannot be written through a site, who should be rewarded should receive it in money, users' money makes the site work mainly. nothing to take away from the volunteer or the smile makers, but those who are volunteers have decided to do so of their own free will, in fact they are called "volunteers".
  12. I'm sorry I believe that on xat there are no influencers, if we talk about concepts nobody should get it.
  13. I absolutely disagree in giving the pawn only to volunteer smile makers etc., they are a fundamental part of the site this is also true but let's not forget the paying users they keep everything going, so in my opinion put it on the store for a few digits, and give it for free to those who have collaborated in recent years. remember that the gasoline of the site are the paying users.
  14. Happy bday Marco <3 have nice day on your bday (hug)

    1. xMarco


      thx nathyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (hug)

  15. auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    1. xMarco


      grazie saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. Sara


      prego marco :-*


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