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  1. Caso você tenha feito o download de algum programa pelo link que te enviaram, formate seu computador o mais rápido possível, pois o KeyLogger ainda pode estar comprometendo sua máquina e seus dados. Antes de você criar um ticket, é recomendável que você altere a senha da sua conta e a senha do seu endereço de e-mail. Não esqueça de ativar a verificação em duas etapas no seu e-mail para mais segurança também. Aqui estão alguns links com guias que vão ajudar a manter sua conta no xat e e-mail mais seguras; https://xat.wiki/Account_protection/pt-br https://xat.wiki/External_security/pt-br Aqui também estão links para você ler mais sobre como se previnir contra golpes e tentativas de phishing; https://xat.wiki/Phishing/pt-br https://xat.wiki/Scams/pt-br
  2. If your idea is to see only your own trade/transfer history, I could agree with your idea. The same xat's buy page history I mentioned before could have a tab with history of past transfers/trades you made and be accessed by your account details. However, if your idea is to have access to the transfer/trade logs of other users, then I can't agree. I still can't understand why you think having access to this information would be useful for a main owner. I particularly wouldn't want any users other than me to have access to this.
  3. Definitely chats should not store this information for anyone to access. Why would this be useful to other users to have access to? This is very sensitive and important information about users accounts and most of them are used as security questions on tickets to verify that you really are who you say you are, mainly for account unlocks or location update requests. If this information is shared with anyone it would put many accounts at risk, making it easier for malicious users to try to gain control over your account and making it difficult for volunteers to verify your identity. I agree that it would be nice to have a purchase history, but only for the xat's buy page as other platforms do e.g Discord, Steam, Epic Games etc. We also have to remember that ID's on xat are used as a product and are sold constantly every day. So for this to work, I think the purchase history of the current account owner would be deleted along with the ID when selling it to another user.
  4. The link I provided is recommended by xat itself as an alternative solution. You can check this out on: https://xat.wiki/Animate
  5. Try http://varkor.com/tools/strip-convertor instead. xat convert animation should be fixed soon.
  6. Congratulations, Lemonade! 💚
  7. I assume Andre is logged in anonymously, no? He's being shown to me on users list.
  8. Guinho


    Great suggestion! In addition, I would like to re-make a suggestion I made a few years ago. As we have the Bug Tracker here on forum, it's possible to create a Suggestions Tracker using the same system. I think it would be a much more organized section than just the discussion forum we currently have. With a Suggestions Tracker, all suggestions can be categorized, filtered and managed in a more practical and professional way, making users ideas easier to be heard, polished and worked on. The same categories that are in Bug Tracker can be implemented in the Suggestions Tracker, only the Status Definitions would change. It would look +/- like this: What you guys think?
  9. "I just miss you, xat" - Big Smiley Generator.

  10. After that you can change your forum username by acessing Account Settings > Display Name (You are permitted to make 2 changes in a 60-day period)
  11. What about a xat web redesign concept?

    Everything new, more modern and much more xat themed elements on pages



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    2. Steven


      I think we've evolved past completely flat design. Strong gradients are a lot more common on modern interfaces now, and I think going completely flat would have looked great 3 years ago, but today would still look outdated.

    3. xLaming
    4. Guinho


      The new layout will look almost nothing like the current one.


      I'll rebuild the groups list section layout as well, make the way you see groups more attractive and make you want to click and visit them.


      The search bar on the right side should work to search for groups in the list but it's not. It's just the Search page we have 1000y that could work much better today. I will pay special attention to that too.


      New design for the promoted chats list (same for featured, supported and game chats).


      More sections should be added to the home page and I intend to make the wiki and forum more visible as well.


      I'm really looking forward to show you guys what I'm doing (blowkiss)

  12. Inner: https://i.imgur.com/dVWMn4U.png Outer: https://i.imgur.com/dXDJgvl.png Button Color: #000b33 Live preview here
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