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  1. What about a xat web redesign concept?

    Everything new, more modern and much more xat themed elements on pages



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    2. Steven


      I think we've evolved past completely flat design. Strong gradients are a lot more common on modern interfaces now, and I think going completely flat would have looked great 3 years ago, but today would still look outdated.

    3. xLaming
    4. Guinho


      The new layout will look almost nothing like the current one.


      I'll rebuild the groups list section layout as well, make the way you see groups more attractive and make you want to click and visit them.


      The search bar on the right side should work to search for groups in the list but it's not. It's just the Search page we have 1000y that could work much better today. I will pay special attention to that too.


      New design for the promoted chats list (same for featured, supported and game chats).


      More sections should be added to the home page and I intend to make the wiki and forum more visible as well.


      I'm really looking forward to show you guys what I'm doing (blowkiss)

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