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  1. Hey, space travellers! Did you know that you can add a Rules Tab and even a Custom Page in your club here on forum? No?! So let's learn this today! How to add Club Rules Tab You can add and amend rules from the initial club settings when you set up the club, or later by selecting "Edit Club Settings" from the Manage Club menu. On selection this will give you the opportunity to add some rules, or amend any in which you already have, along with the ability to force people who join the club to acknowledge them. Note: If you chang
  2. Synopsis List of Episodes: TBA
  3. When we talk about creating a new subscription plan, we aren't talking about simply adding new packs of xats+days in the store. I believe that idea is a door that can open new horizons for xat. Thinking about creating a new subscription plan means creating new and exclusive functions for the members of that specific group, and I literally find that amazing! I don't think it's a good idea to consider removing Days permanently (at least for now). Remember that users can also choose not to purchase this new subscription and still want to use their powers.
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  5. This is ALFAFTER Festival!!! ♫♫ As Laming mentioned above, all you need is to paste the vídeo and it'll be embedded automatically.
  6. CONSCIOUSNESS exists beyond the brain,

    As a fundamental force, a fundamental reality 🤘🔥

  7. M A S T E R S

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