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  1. @Luana we had a nice month, thank you for your warm and sincere ownership 🌸 @Lida congratulations
  2. :o  Cyle Larin ne yaptı öyleeee (toj)


    cyle larin kaka GIF by Orlando City SC

  3. "Actually, nothing was illegal because there was no such thing as a law anymore."


    George Orwell

  4. I'll be there for unlimited fun, we'll have fun together
  5. Nergis

    Ice Pawn

    wow this is really creative. I hope we can have this in the future
  6. Legend 💫 



  7. ok i understand, you love koreans very much
    kim jong un korea GIF

  8. I will die of migraine pain(tired)

    Confused Always Sunny GIF by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  9. happy birthday my dear sister (hug)

    İyi ki doğdun iyi ki varsın <3 birlikte kahve içerek kutlayacağımız nice güzel yaşların olsun (blowkiss)(blowkiss)

    Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Elif


      Seni çok seviyorum. Hep ol!!!! Seninle İstanbul'da sahile karşı kahve içtiğimizi görüyorum resmen <3 

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