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  1. Christmas and new year is fast approaching! Me, I’ll spend it with my friends since i am far away with my family and can’t able to travel since the country they are in is lockdown;( . Instead i’ll celebrate it with them via VC. Hehe. Anyways will still enjoy it since my friends here became my family now. Advanced merry christmas and a prosperous new year to all
  2. Happy Birthday @Eylem schatje(blowkiss) enjoyyHappy Birthday GIF

  3. Hessy


    nice suggestion dear, its so cute
  4. Hessy

    Happy Birthday Minomodel(hug)Happy Birthday Baby GIF

  5. Hessy

    Happy Birthday Tita beautiess(blowkiss) Enjoy! I love youuu<3I Love You Reaction GIF

    1. Tita


      Thank youu hessyy beautiess (blowkiss) i love youu too <3 I Love You Cat GIF by swerk

  6. Thank you for all your greetings and wishes(blowkiss) You are all amazing! 

    1. Bau


      Happy birthday! (hug)

    2. Hessy


      Thank you bau(hug)

  7. Im happy with my xat.com/chat friends love you all
  8. I love brazos de mercedes, leche flan and ice cream
  9. I am skilled in cooking, not to mention it is my profession, im also good in singing(Currently a choir member in the church) hehe
  10. Cutie squirrels nice suggestion duygu <3
  11. Cool, hope its gonna happen
  12. Hessy

    GARDEN powers!

    Garden power embrace nature, love it @DUYGU
  13. Uhh so cute such a great ideas of you @DUYGU seacalf with a heart<3
  14. Hessy

    Geometric pawn

    That was an amazing idea @DUYGU big thumbs up for diamond pawn<3
  15. happy birthday GIFHappy Birthday again val🎉

    1. VaLsteiN


      H E S S Y  <3  I love you so much , my dear friend , thank you! 



        for youu  🌼  🌼  🌼 🌼 🌼  🌼 🌼 

    2. Enge


      Teddy Bear Hug GIF


    3. Hessy
  16. Hessy

    Account held

    Hi, i want to get a new ticket but it seems that it needs to buy a xats. But how can i buy a xats if my account is held, and i dont think its necessary to buy xats when the purpose is to just open the ticket. I hope you’ll open me a ticket. Thank you so so much:)
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