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  1. Im happy with my xat.com/chat friends love you all
  2. I love brazos de mercedes, leche flan and ice cream
  3. I am skilled in cooking, not to mention it is my profession, im also good in singing(Currently a choir member in the church) hehe
  4. Hessy

    Ksquirrel powers!

    Cutie squirrels nice suggestion duygu <3
  5. Hessy

    Forum Nickname

    Cool, hope its gonna happen
  6. Hessy

    GARDEN powers!

    Garden power embrace nature, love it @DUYGU
  7. Hessy

    SEACALF powers!

    Uhh so cute such a great ideas of you @DUYGU seacalf with a heart<3
  8. Hessy

    Geometric pawn

    That was an amazing idea @DUYGU big thumbs up for diamond pawn<3
  9. happy birthday GIFHappy Birthday again val🎉

    1. Valstein


      H E S S Y  <3  I love you so much , my dear friend , thank you! 



        for youu  🌼  🌼  🌼 🌼 🌼  🌼 🌼 

    2. Enge


      Teddy Bear Hug GIF


    3. Hessy


      Engemonkey GIF

  10. Hessy

    Account held

    Hi, i want to get a new ticket but it seems that it needs to buy a xats. But how can i buy a xats if my account is held, and i dont think its necessary to buy xats when the purpose is to just open the ticket. I hope you’ll open me a ticket. Thank you so so much:)
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