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  1. is hard to find you online :c @Sydno

    1. ALEX


      He is with her married @TheYaguito (rolleyes) reserved?!?!

    2. Sydno


      Ahah yes


      I will try to be online this weekend for the prizes of my contest

    3. TheYaguito


      hahaha okk XDD

  2. sexy sexy sexy (hello)

  3. hello hello my bgs INNER OUTER button: #ca709d
  4. this post doesnt explain much xD drawing where? on paper and upload it in a pic or in the xat doodle app? @Christina
  5. pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :3 @Pikachu1903

    1. Pikachu1903


      Yaaguiiiiitoooo :3


       Bom Dia Hello GIF

  6. thank youu i have my prize ty @Bau
  7. ya estoy preparando mi dedicatoria para ti :3 jalajakajalja @feroza

  8. thank you @Deff @KARY congratulations to you tooo
  9. 🍾🎊🥂happy mes yearsss to everyoneee 🍾🎊🥂 (goo)(applause)

    1. DUYGU


      Thanks. Happy new year too

  10. iiiYaguito (1531497660) answer: newyear
  11. thank u very much i have my prize :3 @xLaming y @Drika
  12. we have been in our xmas madness for more than 15 hours :$ llevamos mas de 15 horas en nuestra locura navideña :3
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