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  1. nice i like it. looks like a valentine power xd but is so cute
  2. hiiii iiiyaguito (1531497660) button #e68400 or. #860092 xat frame code https://pastebin.com/eZ2NkBRN
  3. bothhh :3 iiiYaguito (1531497660)
  4. I participate in the 4 in a row Championship iiiYaguito (1531497660)
  5. hoola laming k programas se pueden usar para hacer los xatsframe con movimientos? en k formato debo guardarlo y donde subirlo? no entiendo me podrias explicar :c

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    2. TheYaguito


      me avisas cuando lo subas :3

    3. iPio


      En xat ayuda <- (Español) hay un tutorial. Por si te ayuda. Poniendo XatFrame te sale. 

    4. TheYaguito
  6. i don't understand much how to do it....... What program should I use to make a motion xatframe? Or in what format should I save it gif or what? Should I make an account on any page to upload my own bg xatframe? I don't know how to generate it in html someone explains to me ???? :c
  7. ese weee :3

    1. Abrahan


      Weeeee! c:

  8. lol I thought that in the gif only original movements of xat powers could be, I did not know that I could make them walk, talk, sing, jump, fly or add so many things Xddddd
  9. hello :3 1- (sqbear#dj#sqbear#radio#ffffff#alilove#sharkdj) 2- (sqcat#flute#sqcat#radio#ff52f5#desire) 3- (sqpig#drums#sqpig#radio#c71234) 4- (sqbunny#trumpet#sqbunny#radio#1aebff#) 5- (sqpanda#piano#sharkmoves#sqpanda#radio#8e8e60) 6- (sqdog#violin#sqdog#radio#0e0f0f)
  10. 1 my favorite feature the gamebans games and its new design 2 when gamebans are played at the beginning it gives a little lag it starts very slow, i would like them to improve that to play better without lag xD :c
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