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  1. Happy birthday, enjoy! :d

  2. I want to introduce myself, I'm Tedi. I want to explain to you that we are a family where art has too many words when you express yourself. Look, through xat.com I became a photographer through your image, I found a job and look, through Graphics I learned something. I want to tell you that all of you who are on the chat should pay homage not to die as he died. I want art to stay alive as it was and since 99 when I donated for the program. I came to express your opinion. I am a Designer, I am an artist and a photographer, I want you artists to be a family. I love you I will miss you, because everyone will be like me. I am waiting for you to draw more.Thank you for the admin who supports that chat because he made us meet. And look, I learned something from this chat, I learned to be a designer, so you can also be a graphic designer.
  3. Happy birthday!

    Dog What GIF

    1. TediHigh


      Thank you so much(hug)

    2. elya


      you're welcome! (hug)

  4. LA MULTI ANI !!!

    1. TediHigh


      Multumesc frumos.

  5. Happy Birthday TediHigh  (hug) 



    1. TediHigh


      Thank you so much, Duygu (hug)

  6. TediHigh

    Rules 15

    15. Selling identification numbers (ID) or graphics is not allowed I get ban on trade when i sell Graphics than you have tab with graphics on trade. Than <redacted> i get ban. for i change my status when i will helping comunity.
  7. Hi guys, I'll leave this project for you, i hope you like it >>>Download<<<
  8. That was my inspiration, maybe next time it will be better.
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