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  1. Tita

    Happy birthdaayy cutiee Eylem i misss youu (hug)(blowkiss)Happy Birthday Summer GIF by Hallmark Gold Crown

  2. Tita

    Happyyy birthdayy my Hessy beautieess hope you have a beautiful day today, enjoy it and long life for youu, ilyy (blowkiss)(hug)❤️friendship GIF

    1. Hessy


      Thank you so much my Tita Beauties(blowkiss) i love youssI Love You Reaction GIF

  3. Tita

    Happy birthday longue vie à toi et plein de bonnes choses Sydno ! (hug)

  4. Happy birthday thunderkook long life for you, and full of happines in your life (hug)happy birthday GIF

    1. iSavage


      Thank you so much titajoon! Appreciate it a lot!! (hug)

  5. Tita

    Happy birthday and long life my beautiful legend Duygu ! stay healthy and enjoy this amazing day ! xoxo dear (hug)(blowkiss)cat GIF by happy-birthday

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Tita  (blowkiss)   (hug) My dear

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