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  1. some emoticones not work when sending message pv from other chat like (bonk)(silly). Print https://prnt.sc/115ywmn https://prnt.sc/115yvr8 Please fix tis bug
  2. Hello i did made this backgrounds: Button color #d6d6d8
  3. is seen like in your goldb gif,so i can see an circle over the coffe and beer.if i put (c#) (b#) i can see corect emoticones.i use grup gscol and i can see the emoticones like in your goldb gif but i want to see them like in clear gif so i not want to put (c#) ,only hashtag can fix the emo.
  4. Is not fixed i tested 1 day ago (c) (b) is not seen using gold or gback emoticones try to use gold or gback and put in gline c + b ( (c) (b) )
  5. Hi i buyed (face) and try the wiki code an many chats this : (face.wEYES.MOUTH.OTHER) and when i put code on chat appers like this look : https://prnt.sc/10djm0o THe letter F is changed with * . PLease help i want to use the power
  6. DjPio

    xat Login

    Thnx it was antivirus kaspersky
  7. DjPio

    xat Login

    Hi. I have a friend of mine that not see login page look print : https://prnt.sc/10d3od3 She did restart modem and pc and site is acting like is offline but chat page looks normal. Can someone help me to help her?
  8. https://prnt.sc/wmnsiz is not shown (b) and (c). Until fix i remove gback.
  9. Smileys (c) and (b) not seen corectly using gback smileys on my chat grup. Please fix.
  10. DjPio

    GARDEN powers!

    I like your suggestion
  11. I think the commands that are many make's arcbot #1 ,but also price is economic and chat support.
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