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  1. Now if is accepted is not need ...But in case if reject again i put id here .thnx
  2. I deleted rejected player and i dont have the url anymore , i uploaded again like last time someone told me.i hope is accepted now because is already accepted that model
  3. i did this last time but is not responding.i did send this time to..
  4. Hi. I don't understand why same player that always is accepted now or some time is rejected? I use same script for the model that always is accepted but today is rejected.... What is wrong?
  5. DjPio

    Max ignore

    I think ignore it should be forever ,because i have people that send me mesages and i don't want this.....it shoul be good power ignore for how many time you need ..something like this
  6. ok .Thnx .I send him my question with my rejected player.
  7. Like it says in title is an html5 player..the flash player no longer accepted.Thnx.
  8. Hi.I have uploaded a player that i already had accepted made with another ip for a friend with http link of radio and was rejected.ok i said maybe that was the problem .now i have updated the player with https link of radio and is rejected.can i know why?please tell me why one is accepted and other no?
  9. Not solved on my browser(egde browser)I'll try to use another browser.Thnx.
  10. I always used edge browser and players html worked fine, now i tried the html5 player and not working player even on xatradiodirect link in edge browser,the player show is working but i can't hear song.on others browser is all good.thnx .maybe i will change my browser.
  11. Thnx . On the direct link of the player everything is good,only on xat page flash is not working,on html5 is working as he should do.
  12. Hi . I recently made a new html5 player for my chat and for my friends chat,my problem is that my player in flash page of xat don't play and don'work like on direct link in the xatradio site .The player when is embed in my xat in flash version of xat don't work but if i go on the link of the player he is working corectly.I used this code [radiohtml:300:200:id-player] to emded my player .What can i do with this problem?
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