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  1. Thanks for the reply. I don't want to clear cache. My browser works fine and clearing cache will cause a lot of hassle with Google. BUT considering your information i tried my girlfriends computer! Message Adobe flash blocked. But ok resolved that pretty quick and YES finally i got the password field and could submit a ticket!!!! Tried buying from here laptop as well but that still doesn't work. BUT One step further!!!! Thank you so very much for helping me out. You really pointed me to the problem. (cache). I'm gonna enjoy my weekend now finally and see in a couple of days if i get a solution to the ticket!. Have a great weekend and again many thanks to you!!!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Tried again: Login as Pluto414141 (234216482) successful. Email: [filled in the email address\ Categorie: Account Block Subject: [same as above] Content: [same as above] Result: Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again! Been busy for a week now to get this resolved. Tried everything i know of. (browser is not in incognito mode)
  3. I filled in my email address It doesn't ask for a password there is no field for that. Tried another browser the same. I choose the: account hold section subject: Account is held message when trying to buy xat Content of ticket: "Hi i get the message that my account is held and sorry you cannot buy when i try to buy xat/DAYS. I have been inactive for some time. Longer then 7 days. I still have powers and xat but no DAYS left. Can you help me resolve the problem? So i can buy again." Result: Says: Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!
  4. Here is my problem. I have enough powers, i have xat 3400 or so. But i don't have days! I tried buying xat AND TIME. It says: "Account held you cannot buy". I tried resetting the password. That worked but got me no further. I tried submitting a ticket. it says: "you must have made a payment (by purchasing xat) to open a ticket. I can't even submit a ticket. I tried xat help. Got banned. Don't know why i just asked for help. I'm logged in the account i see my xat being there. I tried xat trade: says i cannot trade without being a member. I found a friendly person in private chat who wanted to sell me 1 day for 14 xat. When i tried to buy this one day the system said: "system error pro 55". So i'm completely stuck now. I need someone from xat to unlock my account or whatever is wrong... Help! Account: Pluto414141.
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