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  1. Happy Birthday Enter

  2. If I had a million dollars then I will save up some and use the rest to help the homeless
  3. Taco bell, I always like to get the burrito supreme combo
  4. Austy

    Cartoon Hairf

    You're very welcome
  5. Austy

    Cartoon Hairf

    No it did not, you did a great job
  6. I've given $3 to a friend awhile ago on twitch because that's all I had left and when he smiled, that warmed up my heart, it doesn't matter how much money you have with you, giving back to the twitch community in any way is just special to me even if it's just $1
  7. Austy

    Cartoon Hairf

    I didn't mean to be rude about it, if I did I am sorry but it does look good
  8. I don't get why anyone would want this...
  9. Austy

    List a Song

    Diamante - Ghost Myself
  10. Hi my name is Austin and I like to sleep
  11. Just change or customize the colors
  12. Austy

    Riches power

    Don't see why you would need to have the richest user on the top of the list, who wants all that attention
  13. Interesting...but I don't see why this is necessary
  14. Would this have copyright
  15. Austy


    Seems kind of violent...
  16. I like it but maybe we have too many
  17. Austy

    Permanent hat

    I wanna re-use old hats too
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