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  1. Hey guys there is anyway to show more than 20 messages in the Chat? i mean the chat only shows the last 20 messages sent I'm using the html/java version
  2. The ps3 browser doesn't have support for HTML5 the flash is the only way
  3. The avatars never worked on ps3 i think a simple patch on the xai server could solve this, since all the other images works but i can't open a ticket since i'm not a paid user Maybe they use a different way to show the avatars, somehow different from the other images
  4. Hey guys I use the xat flash version on my PS3 MOD, its called PS3 4K PRO i made an XMB entry to the chat where the mod users talks with each other EVERYTHING WORKS FINE but the users avatar NO, just a Transparent Square can it be fixed?
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