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  1. Hi @RobFerrari You can create your own characters. or use a famous character but not have the copyright's.
  2. HELLO EVERY BODY! Are you bored of the usual xat.com avatars? Do you want something special or new? You already know the old avatars and are they not modern? We (xat Concourses) have contacted xat to create a contest about these avatars and give you the choice of new avatars that will be issued with the new HTML5 web version! How do you do? These two rules are chosen by the xat.com admin: The participants must do the whole work, this means, xat smiley makers will not be involved. The new avatars must be original creations, this me
  3. The best power created
  4. Ti amo

    1. xLonely


      I love you :$

  5. I want to reminder BINGO Contest will start now on xat.com/Concourses we wait ALL!

  6. Sound a good power and cute, I'm with the creation of this power.
  7. Congrats to winners Crazy boy Third Place @srbi9o Amber Second Place @Amberz Switch First Place @Mighty1 Congratulations for all from chat Concourses
  8. I don't want to be your number one, I want to be your only one.:$

    1. xLonely



      You are the one and only:$... Sweetness and perfection in person.(blowkiss)

  9. Hi Concourses players!, We are here for you to entertain and win! Can you help us in this? You have surely wondered how you can help us, right? Simply tell us your opinions .. For example: What contest do you want to be held on Concourses? A little tip on the prizes we give. The perfect times for you Your feedback on our staff We want to remind you that we are here for you to have fun in the best way and spend your time winning! We await your feedback, we promise that we will take all feedba
  10. Good luck to all I hope you read the rules well and don't do as last time.
  11. I would to remember there are a trivia today 10PM GMT+2 after 7 minutes on xat.com/Concourses

  12. Very cute, good suggestion! Haha I'm with release it.
  13. Contest Terminated Prize gives to @MrTomato : https://prnt.sc/tj5tjt
  14. The contest will end tonight at 0:00 AM GMT+2, the winners will be announced tomorrow
  15. I need to remember the Championship of 4 a row will start tonight on xat.com/Concourses
  16. I need to remember the Championship of 4 a row will start tonight on xat.com/Concourses

  17. It's a good idea, i like it too much i will use that every time i need it XD
  18. I wanted to remind everyone that the contest will end after 2 days
  19. We wait all today at 10 PM GMT+2!!
  20. “I said I love you and that's forever
    And this I promise from the heart
    I could not love you any better
    I love you just the way you are.”v

    1. xLonely



      My love, you are a wonderful person

      you are my life

      and this will never change.

      I love you,

      I love everything

      about you ❤

  21. Abada


    Hahahah it's too funny i like this suggestion nice Bianca!
  22. Are you a Bingo fan? Do you love to win by completing the cards with your favorite numbers? Then Concourses Bingo is for you! Rich prizes await you and if you are lucky to complete the picture, a rich super prize awaits you! Rules: The forms to participate consist of three rows of five numbers each for a total of fifteen numbers. The "auctioneer" will randomly call numbers. If the number called is on your card, you will have to answer with a "Gotcha! (Hula)". The numbers called are from 1 to 90. The player who first cancels all fifteen numbers on his card
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