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  1. I was thinking after it would be a suggestion, but maybe here I see more
  2. at foe there is no hiding the list as at friends? that it’s annoying that he appears at the top of his friends list https://prnt.sc/1cpm4fq foe can be added
  3. Toby

    superkick rules

    yes that's the problem, so it's still not good for html5 chat, thanks
  4. Toby

    superkick rules

    I said superkick power
  5. Toby

    superkick rules

    https://prnt.sc/199z7os I tested it on my chat and it didn't work and in gcontrol I have that https://prnt.sc/199zo6l before it was automatically temp mod, but I changed it but the kick option still doesn't appear
  6. Toby

    superkick rules

    and that is possible, I forgot
  7. https://prnt.sc/199qu6v has the superkick rule changed? https://xat.wiki/Superkick here I see it's the same
  8. Toby


    toby190713 (1241989563)

    1. Nathan


      Thanks !

  10. Toby

    LA MULTI ANI !!! 

  11. Toby

    bump sound

    https://prnt.sc/15j5dre problems
  12. Toby

    bump sound

    has the bump changed to be heard when a member bumps me? without having him with friends https://prnt.sc/15j42ph
  13. Toby

    LA MULTI ANI !!!

  14. Toby

    LA MULTI ANI !!!

    1. Mihai


      La multi ani bro @Exin Să ai parte de multă sănătate, fericire (hug)


      Scuze pentru intârziere :$ (hug)

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