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  1. Toby

    chat disconnect

    I think that raiding robots doesn't affect me at all, but it bothers me that it disconnects me
  2. what can I do to not disconnect from chat if I don't write?
  3. I did yes it takes about 10 minutes or more I think
  4. why does it change so hard to html player radio code in chat settings?
  5. Toby

    html5 connection

    now I only wrote with her yesterday, yesterday it went well if her problem doesn't work ... you can close the topic , thanks
  6. Toby

    html5 connection

    https://prnt.sc/wcfxbv at the moment she could enter today with deleted cache last time it didn't work maybe she wasn't unregistered by that
  7. Toby

    html5 connection

    @Stif https://prnt.sc/wcfa3z https://prnt.sc/wcfbe0 if it is unregistered it can enter , she says she has company wifi, and that she doesn't unplug the cable
  8. Toby

    cod error

    https://prnt.sc/wbqk3o before it appeared well here and today on 2 chats it appears so why? to code with text "test"
  9. https://prnt.sc/waiqhw at this speed why doesn't chat enter? and enter the flash https://prnt.sc/waisoi https://prnt.sc/waitur on html when you enter you do not see any user screen , how can the problem be solved or does it not work on wifi because it has a low speed?


    1. xLaming


      Thank you toby!!!


  12. like Aura and Pio and Comet that I can chat for a long time, this is an advantage for arcbot and the price bot is affordable and if someone joins the staff you can quickly become friends
  13. I found out before I entered the forum, thank you
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