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  1. Toby

    2 bot

    how to put 2 bot on chat the 2 numbers? 1510151 22332233 ? http://prntscr.com/txa7nj when I put with a comma or without 1000 number appears
  2. Toby

    HAPPY BIRTHDAYS !!! (hug)


  4. Toby

    entry html5

    http://prntscr.com/th0vx9 where ?
  5. Toby

    entry html5

    why can't we stop automatic entry on html5? or it exists and I don't see where it is
  6. Toby

    598 MAIN

    main is go free why need powers ?
  7. Toby

    598 MAIN

    http://prntscr.com/tfs0ng for the main owner it can be used like this, until there is a good link there, is it power for everyone or just another main owner then?
  8. Toby

    598 MAIN

    can I do this power if it is also set for admin? if the main owner wants to give access to admin
  9. Toby

    name limit

    in flash there is space and as I gave copy paste after login I put it in html5 space
  10. Toby

    name limit

    http://prntscr.com/tc390t put it alone after login, space in the name
  11. Toby


    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Toby  (hug) 

  12. Toby

    name limit

    has it decreased more?
  13. yes it doesn't disconnect me with sign out it just throws me out of the chat and when i look like i give f5
  14. yes it doesn't disconnect me at all to click on the sign in as if the internet would crash and it would recover for the moment
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