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  1. Sis love u <3

    1. Lemona


      Ciao Luana, anche io ti amo! Spero che ti stia prendendo cura di te :$ MWHaMY4.png

  2. Perfect Crow your spiders will be taken care of by me and her with the stray animal facility we'll open together.
  3. I absolutely agree with you ... if everyone was better there would be no stray animals this is a beautiful initiative considering that in the world there are many abandoned animals, I imagine the joy of seeing them all together, happy and serene.
  4. You really are a treasure, thank you! (hug)

    1. Abrahan


      Thanks to you my dear friend (hug)

  5. I think your idea is really good!!!! I love dogs so much that I have one with me. I feel sorry for those on the street, when I have the chance I always try to help myself and make myself available. Excellent! I think we should all do it!
  6. It's a good decision, isn't it? The joy of getting married and the gift of having children, I think, is the most beautiful thing in the world. I hope you can go to London and have a great time for me, too.
  7. Amazing and I hope you can make your wish come true I hope you can make your dreams come true and be happy... It's a nice wish, I hope, and I think you can make it happen.
  8. Amazing and I hope you can make your wish come true
  9. Great, pull the plug and enjoy your family. The love of people close to us makes us strong and often we don't give the right importance to work and neglect them. I hope you can be peacefully with them and happily enjoy this 2020
  10. When we say goodbye to the old year and enter the new year we put aside all that we have lived to give ourselves totally to the new year: A new year has begun today, what are your wishes? Are you excited for 2020? What promises have you made for this new year?
  11. LUANAA

    html5 problem

    this screen usually exits when there is no internet connection but it could be a chat bug so try refreshing your page
  12. Lemona thank you so much for everything (blowkiss)(hug)

    1. Lemona


      It's no problem, Luana! Thanks for always being so sweet and kind! :$ (hug)

  13. Angelo I agree with what you wrote. I firmly believe that it is right to give credit to those who make quality posts unlike those who dont' show the same commitment or the same interest. So I am in favor of everything you wrote, hoping that everyone will follow what you wrote carefully.
  14. LUANAA

    xat chat problem

    Html5 still has a few bugs to fix. The bugs that happened to you are the same ones that often happen to me when I enter Html5, in that case I update the page and the problem is fixed.
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