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  1. I'm ready to consider your proposals. The best of luck to you all!!
  2. As for the Italian community Instagram is the most used social network of the moment and remains according to the preferences of Italians innovative, fast, and simple. Now they will be happy to know that xat has landed on Instagram. This is yet another piece to add to the innovation of our site.
  3. Luana


    I like that suggestion! That's what we need, a lamp that makes our wishes come true.
  4. Happy Birthday King of Four in a Row! (victory)

    1. Valstein


      L u a n a   🌸  🌸  🌸  ,  we have a final game tonight i knew you would support me ,  thank you for everything     (hug)   :) ))





    2. Luana


      Exactly, see you tonight!  :p(victory)

    3. Valstein


      I believe too  :) :D

  5.  Happy Birthday!! (victory)


    1. Vevrok


      luluu thank you <3

  6. Congratulations Luana!!! Well Deserved ♥ 

    congratulations confetti GIF

    1. Luana


      Thanks you!!  (cute) (cute) (cute) You're so sweet!♥ ♥ 

  7. Thank you for being dedicated as much as you are to xat. Congratulations and welcome to the group! 


    Teddy Bear Hug GIF

    1. Luana


      I'm really so happy and I really have no words, thank you for the welcome and this message makes me feel so loved.
      bear kiss GIF

  8. Thank you Sis!! I'm very happy 🌸⭐️🌸⭐️ Hahahaha thank you Alexius! All right "No unauthorized celebrations!" 🤙 🤙 🤙 🤙
  9. Congratulations!

    1. Luana


      Thank you!  (blowkiss)

  10. Congratulations sweetheart  for your new position <33333 (hug)(blowkiss)

    awesome goedzo GIF by Squirrel Monkey



    1. Luana


      Thank you so much for your support! (hug)(hug)
       Drunk Fun GIF by Mauro Gatti

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