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  1. Step 1: write something including one space; Step 2: right click and choose any markup function Step 3: result is the markup text with "nbsp" You can delete it manually but it would be great if nbsp doesn't appear at all.
  2. Now we can see with our own eyes the true potential of HTML5, where the user experience is enhanced by the possibility of interacting directly on the chat thanks to Markdown. The future of xat is to be able to use useful and comfortable tools, and Markdown certainly is. Implementation promoted with flying colors, keep it up guys.
  3. Have a nice birthday @Abrahan!

    1. Abrahan


      Grazie mille Alexius! (hug)

  4. Have a nice birthday @DUYGU


    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Alexius  (hug) 

  5. This is a nice power. I think It would be great to change colour If you want to talk in privare with someone (green is ok, Yellow so and so, red go away!)
  6. Awesome! This power reminds me something else... Nice work @iSanty!
  7. I always thought that to spread the presence of xat on the World Wide Web, it is necessary to implement other social networks widely used all over the world. People need to "touch" the xat experience with their hands, through images, colors, sounds. I am really happy that xat has finally decided to extend, collaborating with a very famous social network like Instagram. As precisely indicated by @Luana, Instagram is well known and appreciated in Italy and I am sure that the xat channel will benefit.
  8. Nice suggestion @bianca-99, i think would be a great idea to see a genius smile or a lamp instead of the classic xat pawn.
  9. Have a nice birthday @Valstein! See you later for the final match!!

    1. Valstein


      A l e x i u s   i am happy to know you ,  thanks bro   @Alexius_

  10. Congratulations @Stif! You deserve it!
  11. Have a nice birthday @Echo!

  12. Have a nice birthday @Vevrok!

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      Thank yoooou <3

  13. Have a nice birthday @Luig!

  14. Have a nice birthday @siglo!

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      Thank you

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