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  1. Looks so angry that bee! Another good special animal for your personal collection. Well done @NoSense, your efforts are appreciated.
  2. I think It is a good idea, I can suggest to add a chocolate heart box If It is not inserted yet.
  3. I see. My favourite was Hwoarang with his terrible high kicks.
  4. That green colored one maybe he was Eddie? The Capoeira battle mode?
  5. Hey @Queen_Sofia what is you best Tekken 3 character?
  6. I think that if it was decided that xat Ajutor should be reopened, there is a good reason. Certainly the xat staff has received numerous feedbacks to decide to reopen a chat (it is always a support chat) for numerous people who do not have the opportunity to speak (or do not know) English for help. I believe that xat needs the reopening of Ajutor, also to widen the active user base of the site, rather than isolating itself in a few support chats that may not be enough. This is just my opinion.
  7. Agreed with @Stif, maybe you could add exclusive features only for the mobile side, also to improve the experience of using the application on smartphones and make conversations easier. I think the app, still being in beta, can significantly improve over the course of updates.
  8. This is an interesting power. Probably if I had to decide to buy xats, I would consider buying the n. 579.
  9. Once I found myself deciding between a normal pen and a fountain pen. After smearing the ink sheet, I realized that the solution was represented by the pencil.

  10. Unfortunately, i Have to be a subscriber for using the translation code.
  11. Hi there, I would like to ask you if the translate app for the html5 version has already been applied, because I can't find it anywhere, while in the flash version it is present.
  12. Chess playing is a sport too! I love it. Knowing how to predict the opponent's moves, memorizing the openings and the middlegame, remembering the position of each single piece and checking the center of the chessboard, up to the point of forcing the opponent to surrender, or suffer checkmate. perhaps chess is the cruelest sport ever in history.
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