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  1. That is a bad fix because the whole point of using xat is to see the animations. These are animations for powers correct? I will just disable hardware acceleration. Someone told me doing that will just make my graphics card do the processing instead of the cpu. Still kind of crazy how demanding the html 5 chats are. Don't remember having all these issues with adobe flash but it has been awhile since I used adobe flash since it got canned. So maybe me memory is incorrect and just as many issues.
  2. Someone told me to disable hardware acceleration in chrome and I think it's less laggy now. I don't know what the con to disable hardware acceleration is.
  3. I visit a html 5 chatroom and for whatever reason when I partially split the screen on my monitor with two Google Chrome Windows open not tabs I get lag in the chatroom. It could be that the chatroom I visit is not optimized or is it an issue with my specs? I consider my cpu to be pretty high end even if my graphics card is mid-end. Is something wrong? Do I need to do something to make it work better and less lag? Any solutions or am I just going to have people tell me that I should be on an ssd? I really dislike that Adobe Flash is gone. HTML 5 is such a system hog even on higher end computers. Full specs: Ryzen 7 3700x Corsair 16 gigs of ddr4 ram Sapphire rx 5500 xt 4gb pulse edition 2tb 7200rpm hard-drive Motherboard b450 tomahawk max
  4. I'm 33 years old and someone completely immature misused their position on here. I am tired of this happening. People should be held responsible for abusing. I would like to know who keeps doing this. Check the chat logs. I broke no rules. I'm upset!
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