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  1. Happy Birthday GIF by memecandy(hug)Happy b-day and all the best wishes for u(hug)

  2. happy birthday GIFHappy b-day and all the best wishes for you!(hug)

  3. Episode 4 Birthday GIF by FriendsHappy b-day Lami, all the best wishes for you!!(hug)

    1. xLaming


      Thank you AskMe! :$(hug)


  4. You need more sleep, so dont come :))
  5. Perfect dear, i try to be there
  6. I like it V, but u know i love ''girls powers'', so can u put some butterfly? :D You can call The horror
  7. I direct the most beautiful thoughts to you, I wish you many joys and happiness, from the bottom of my heart, happy birthday!Happy Birthday GIF by Hallmark eCards

  8. Sam, happy b-day dear!!Happy Birthday Rainbow GIF by Justin

  9. Congratulation Stiff, you deserve!
  10. Oh yes, countdown finished soon, here i am!!!
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