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  1. Oh yes, countdown finished soon, here i am!!!
  2. Yep!I dont need costume for that, i can scary ppl without :))
  3. I tried to save the created avatar, holding the power of xavi, but it doesn't work, it gives me an error, only the basic image works, the one with the figure of a man with orange hair.The error displayed is '' please try again ''.Respectfully!
  4. If a user makes a mistake, then those with the right to hit, ban, use that function!I don't think there is an official chat on the xat.com that doesn't benefit from a good manager, at least I haven't met an official chat that will kick, ban, for no reason.
  5. In html didnt work to save xavi avatar, just a man with orange hair

  6. I'd like to know why after months of waiting to reopen xat Ajutor, no one takes care of him?! When it was discussed whether we wanted to get involved in reopening it, there were many who put the soul and time to the beat, and shortly after the reopening, no one came in to take care of him. Not all Romanians know another language to ask for help in case of need. Thank you, respectfully.
  7. i love rest in weekend!
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