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  1. this evening a user entered me privately on the commercial xat.com/trade and then he informed me to give me 1 days for free I refused after, he told me he has a reservation on my account I have said ok brother, I said give ladies 1 powers to see if you limit on his account then after about 20 minutes he told me he made a ticket to me because I tried to give him the power of gold power, neither was it that's why after several attempts he started to insult / insult xat.com/ and then went to a moderator after trading privately, saying that I tried to steal my wish for this user to be blocked or t
  2. hello during today's day someone came to me privately who told me if i sell xats, i said yes if that person is making ticket or report that i sell xats can something happen?
  3. hello, I have a problem about 2 days ago I offered a friend to keep my powersi to transfer them to another log then ran after the chat and I did not know until now to do what ticket I don't understand very well this is <ID removed> all my powersi transfer on the log <ID removed> below I attach evidence that all the powers I have had are bought with my hard work! <screenshots containing personal information removed> thank you i only want xats back and this user is blocked <ID removed> this happened to my fellow <ID removed>
  4. so if I make a ticket it doesn't help me if I don't have the proof that he got me in the computer he got me an email then I retrieved an email and then he took me privately and he said he would give me this powers back only to I have color
  5. hello tonight someone came to my computer with my permission I gave the supreme application to make me not setting the microphone then I entered yahoo viewed my password I put on my yahoo account after me I woke up after 10 minutes I woke up that he was going to another guy doing trade after my account on his account I have no proof please help me tell me if I make a ticket is it fixed yes or no? (specifically something else I contacted him by phone I talked to him about 30 minutes after which he gave me back red blue light nameglow and how many powers after a certain time he told me to give t
  6. I understood stif I have no evidence that he entered my computer in case I can do something else? I understood stif I have no evidence that he entered my computer in case I can do something else? I have no proof of place
  7. hello come only with a question someone came to me in the computer I allowed to enter with the team viewer application after which he saw my password on my Yahoo mail account and then he logged in and took me all powersi / and xats and days after which I recovered the password and account and only had nothing on it can be solved this problem can I do ticket? and how many days I have at my disposal to make a ticket has passed 2 days and I have not made any request in this case I want to know if I make a ticket can solve something yes or no
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