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  1. He made 2 tickets one with 9 and then another with 2
  2. iAttackSpeed (1531427340) Theme: Can it be some plague fumigator with smoke mask? It's sensillo .. It's stinky dark green you know? Pcback name: Attack ID: Yes Thanks
  3. Hi all A little late but sure, my computer does not want to turn on .. but I had to do them from the cell phone. we already have a winner Winner 《 @Ayberk You have 48 hours to contact me. Thank you all for participating.
  4. Attack

    Power TYPING

    ¡Hello all! I have been seeing this "ERROR" for a long time, in this case we will call it that, and it echoed all the things I thought you could solve. ¿Which? 1- Clear Cookies and Cache. 2- Restart PC 3- Sign in. 4- Close all, delete history completely. 5- Go to a control panel, check and restart. I tried all the ways and it keeps coming out. - When I have days, the powers work perfectly for me, but when the power ends, TYPES still work for me. I m
  5. In the rules it says it very clearly, if you want to make a suggestion you can do it in the other section, this is a contest, only tickets participate, thanks.
  6. Thank you, it was already modified.
  7. Hi! I was reading all the comments and I realized that many agree, however my opinion is very different from everyone, first I will ask you something. What need is there to hide the status? In my opinion it is not necessary, because it is a power that complements your nickname to get more attention from many, usually it is with a phrase or some drawing. I think that if it is to hide the serious state to hide links which are not allowed by xat, I mean illegal platforms, because I don't see any other mea
  8. Hello everyone! Since many have been left without the snowing power, today I bring you a raffle. How to participate? Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Rules to follow : Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. One winner will be chosen Tuesday, 10 December at 10:00 PM (UTC-3) like the countdown showing here! Using this generator. If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 48 h
  9. Attack


    Very nice, keep it up.
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