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  2. Thank you brother, this will be a good Christmas.
  3. This doesn't seem like a bug. Would be best fit as a general support question. Although a bug with this description has been fixed in HTML5 latest version, try the following procedures in order, if one doesn't work, go to the next one. Restart your internet modem and your computer; Clear the cookies/cache of your browser; (Restart the browser) If you're using Windows, use the Windows + R command, write CMD, then write ipconfig /flushdns and press enter; (Restart your computer)
  4. I put the 2 names to ensure my design, which has my id for any doubt and my name. However you can see many Templars. which can impersonate me and say that they are their designs, and with the mark above check the true one. :D
  5. I understand what you want to prefer, however if the other person does not have added friend and is not in the same chat can not see their status. If you are online in the same room and have the power status activated. Everyone can see their status, if you want anyone to see your status you can deactivate it and that's it.
  6. Perfect, it is super weird, since I have not heard of that error, but you can make a post in errors and so they can help you.
  7. I bring you my first work on funds. I would like to know what your opinion and "Constructive" criticisms are. If you like it for the staff of xat.com/trade. It can be placed. I hope you like it. Thanks friends.
  8. It's weird, what's happening to you? only happens with those chats?
  9. Hello, I would like to know how to become a reseller, I was talking to Bryan who gave me his support, and he told me to send a ticket asking, I would like to start and thus help Spanish-speaking users who have no way of paying to xat, and through a reevendelor they could do it. However, at this moment my account is not paid, so I do it here. I await your prompt response. Thanks in advance
  10. Yesterday I detailed the auction a lot and I realized that many users did not know how to auction. Then it was explained to me here. From a source I found. What does each point mean? What information do you offer? Sales number: it is the quantity of powers that will be sold Number of offers: is the amount of offers that have been received so far Current minimum: it is the current price that is paid by the power (each auction will be the minimum price 10 xats) and will be the one that everyone will pay at the end of the auction. Current average: is th
  11. Would you like to be one of them, and help the community? You can fill out the form and expect it to be reviewed and if the staff see it necessary they can accept you.
  12. ¿Where do you try to enter imgur codes?
  13. Excellent auction, it was very exciting and very fun. Thank you for the auctioned powers. Note; It should be noted that the powers went down a lot with those auction prices despite the fact that they were 50 units per 1, but hopefully the trade will be fixed very soon again. Thanks @Admin @Addict
  14. Templario


    I took those images long before selling it and it was placed in Spanish because I made an edition and there it was changed because it is my native language.
  15. Templario


    The black power sales pawn doesn't work perfectly He notified that this will be amended as soon as possible. https://imgur.com/a/bJsqGwk .png Sala de empeño https://imgur.com/a/REmA58x .png Peón privado Usa html5 Test @ Imr
  16. Only the faces come out, does it have no function at the moment?
  17. I could not buy myself, but what is its function? Does it have anything to do with black Friday?
  18. @Cuervo That seems perfect to me, but now I ask, will those users who misuse the reputation be sanctioned? For example in that post there are many trophies and they are simple comments. I know they are for important things, but it is good to give a reputation point for helping and for pleasure.
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