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    xTempLario (1531395818)
  2. Thank you brother, this will be a good Christmas.
  3. This doesn't seem like a bug. Would be best fit as a general support question. Although a bug with this description has been fixed in HTML5 latest version, try the following procedures in order, if one doesn't work, go to the next one. Restart your internet modem and your computer; Clear the cookies/cache of your browser; (Restart the browser) If you're using Windows, use the Windows + R command, write CMD, then write ipconfig /flushdns and press enter; (Restart your computer)
  4. I put the 2 names to ensure my design, which has my id for any doubt and my name. However you can see many Templars. which can impersonate me and say that they are their designs, and with the mark above check the true one. :D
  5. I understand what you want to prefer, however if the other person does not have added friend and is not in the same chat can not see their status. If you are online in the same room and have the power status activated. Everyone can see their status, if you want anyone to see your status you can deactivate it and that's it.
  6. Perfect, it is super weird, since I have not heard of that error, but you can make a post in errors and so they can help you.
  7. I bring you my first work on funds. I would like to know what your opinion and "Constructive" criticisms are. If you like it for the staff of xat.com/trade. It can be placed. I hope you like it. Thanks friends.
  8. It's weird, what's happening to you? only happens with those chats?
  9. Hello, I would like to know how to become a reseller, I was talking to Bryan who gave me his support, and he told me to send a ticket asking, I would like to start and thus help Spanish-speaking users who have no way of paying to xat, and through a reevendelor they could do it. However, at this moment my account is not paid, so I do it here. I await your prompt response. Thanks in advance
  10. Yesterday I detailed the auction a lot and I realized that many users did not know how to auction. Then it was explained to me here. From a source I found. What does each point mean? What information do you offer? Sales number: it is the quantity of powers that will be sold Number of offers: is the amount of offers that have been received so far Current minimum: it is the current price that is paid by the power (each auction will be the minimum price 10 xats) and will be the one that everyone will pay at the end of the auction. Current average: is the current price (current average). It is information only. The auction ends: it is the time until the auction ends. This is what you see on the page and what each of these steps means, but I still don't understand if I offer, how do I know what I earn? Currently there is no way or table to know who leads the offer or if you have already left it, what they should take into account is this current Minimum value that price is what defines the auction and with which they can know if they have been withdrawn from the auction or they are still in it and we need more or more value. * Please note that when the quantity of offers exceeds the sales number, the real minimum price will begin to increase until time runs out Example: xat has auctioned 8,000 diamond powers to auction, what you should do is be guided by the xat exchange guides and xat trade prices and be aware of the current minimum at all times, for what? because in this way you can calculate masomenos and make an offer not far from the price at which it will end. But if I offer xat, do I remove my xats so as not to win? The auction will not take away the xats it offers until the end of the offer and the maximum price is known at the end of the offers. That way, only those who offend the same amount in which I finish or more than that amount will get the power. Tener en cuenta, en el campo de datos: In this field you must enter your information, username and password. But there are two fields in which you should pay attention Number of powers: is the number of powers (quantity) that you want to buy. Maximum 80 powers per user. Offer: the offer you are willing to pay. They should keep in mind that in the quantity or offer "IDB" it is necessary to put the amount of each power, not the amount of the total of all. In other words, I want 10 diamonds and I want to offer them 2500 xats each, in the field that says the number of powers that should put "10" and in the offer they should place 2500. If they place another greater amount or the total of the powers that want and do not have enough, there will be an error when bidding ** You do not have enough xats. ** ** In conclusion and opinion for me, this is a good thing about auctions, if it is known to use it well, they are paying less for the powers and then they can be sold at a higher price in commerce. But for that they must know their quantity well and be determined of the minimum quantity when the value exceeds the number of offers. At first it seems tangled, but if you pay attention to it and it works well, we all win! I hope it serves them and next year they can get many powers.
  11. Would you like to be one of them, and help the community? You can fill out the form and expect it to be reviewed and if the staff see it necessary they can accept you.
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