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  1. summerhug is a collection power, miedo is not, and I don't think it is fair for a 211 power to be sold this way, you should have thought it through before doing that, just say what I think, just say one thing, this was a serious mistake by the adm of xat.com
  2. Samuel, don't be ridiculous, I joined this chat in 2017, and I don't say you want it for free, but a reasonable value and not in excess!
  3. Of course Mauzim. people didn't think well before doing this mess
  4. if it was epic I would complain anyway, I think it is absurd to pay too much for this power
  5. I agree with everyone, the powers will still have a lot to talk about, people are not satisfied with this idea of leaving in 2021
  6. stickers with halloween motifs
  7. imgur and size gif 80 x 8000 it's a normal gif as I always used it and it was supposed to be html5
  8. backgrounds, and normal profile picture or gif does not appear
  9. o.o of course i'm using html5, this bug happens only in html5
  10. happy  birthday GEMY  Happy Birthday Cat GIF

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