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  1. It's very good, I like the colors and the type of design, thanks.
  2. I like them, good work.
  3. Does your design look good, what would it be busy for?
  4. Gn (C)

    1. xRavennn
    2. gladiador63



      for me the powers that may be at auction are big, gold angel, angry.boot, christmas

  5. Gold, Big , Purple , angel , Valentine
  6. hello again, with rspero to the problem that was happening, now I am in my work and I am from his internet and I still get the same connection error, and I deactivate the internet and I put my data and the problem continues, I think it is a problem of html5
  7. I fully understand his point, and because he repeats that, the same "error" still comes out, however he populated in other chats to see if it was my computer and the others charge me normal as it should be. That's why I think it's a mistake in this chat or something is missing in this chat in the HTML5 version.
  8. I don't know if the same happens to other users. That error comes to me only at the moment I enter the xat. It can be said that it only happens to me instead. I don't know if an Html5 error or something with my connection is possible. But possibly it's from HTML5, if it didn't happen to me in all the chats. Thank you.
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