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  1. No friend, the volunteer made it very clear that I was losing my account, that the decision was made by the admin. That's it ... I would like to know when having problems with recent payments make you lose everything you bought before? the volunteer made it clear that it was the admin's decision and not the volunteers' decision. so i just want to know the powers i bought before? from the money I spent on the account... I spent a lot of money and time for xat to just take everything away from me without even trying to solve my problem. - it's the same as buying a car and then you go to change the tires on your car, then you have problems with the payment for the new tires and they decide to take the car from you... (in different comparison) but it makes perfect sense.
  2. The ticket was opened, the volunteers replied that my problem was above them and that there was nothing they could do. I emailed xat support. days later I sent a private message on the adm forum and until today nothing... It will be 1 month since I can no longer log into my account. so I had to come to the forum, because apparently Brazilians don't have any support, as xat is over 10 years old and even today the ticket has to be in English.
  3. Hello Admin / Staffs, I recently had a problem with some recent purchases that went wrong and you just blocked my account, i can't login .. no answering note saying I lost my account due to some purchases that were supposedly canceled. - I have had multiple purchases in the past successfully completed the purchase. I made xat user member power and xats purchases, and because of some unsuccessful purchases on the card you want to block my account... What about the money I spent on my account? I have so many successful purchases. - I also have R$2,000 spent on my account and do you want to take it from me? Why were some of my purchases canceled recently? I believe this is wrong, isn't it? . - And I also believe that what you're doing is wrong, you can't take everything away from me just because my card had some problems, you could just cancel the problem purchase or maybe put it on hold. This is bad for us who use and spend money on xat.com, which makes me feel like I can't trust you. -I bought 6k xats several times because the card was no more than 33k the value was too high in just one purchase. so i have to buy several times for 6k. -Why did I buy it several times? because I was completing all the powers. if you look at the history you will see that I bought several powers from the store. - I'm trying to solve this problem as best I can. but I think the attitude of block my account is wrong and completely exaggerated. since I spent a lot of money on the account... so I would like to ask you the favor so that we can resolve this easily. you can remove purchased xats that caused a problem with the payment, or block with reservation. i am a paid user, i join xat deis of the year 2008 ID- Brun0t (237313205)
  4. BrunoTr


    Hello there, Hope you guys are okay. Let me ask you something, did anyone had a look on the ticket that I had open on the 20th about me being held ? I’ve been told to reopen another ticket as the other one got closed. It’s been already reopening but not answer until now. If any of you guys could help me with that, I would much appreciate it. Thank you so much. Best regards <removed>
  5. Saudades de quando ficava o dia todo lançando os poderes raros na loja com valor de tabela. " I miss when I spent all day throwing rare powers at the table value store. " google tradutor
  6. Sim, estamos falando da epoca de 2015 / 2016 por ai... e sim foram pagas, claro. em uma das resposta do ticket só foi informado que o reserve iria diminuir automaticamente, em outro ticket fizeram pouco caso. é complicado porque esse reserve ja esta a anos e eu não consigo nem mudar de conta. comprei powers recentimente e tive que passar pra essa conta com reserve
  7. Boa noite, bom estou com um reserve absurdo de exagerado a muito tempo e toda vez que tento resolver essa questão no ticket nada é resolvido. dizem que não podem remover o reserve e a unica coisa que poderiam fazer foi aumentar de 25 xats para 50 xats meu reserve é de 133151 xats . as compras foi feito via paypal a muitos anos atras. eu não entendo porque um reserve tão absurdo sendo que as compras dos giftcard foram feito a tantos anos atrás . poderiam da um suporte ai ? pois não aguento mais esperar uma solução do ticket e nunca resolverem nada. ID brun0t (237313205)
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