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  1. I like the idea, it would be great to have a nick like that, but I think they should take it later, now we needed to take care of the html5, there is little time left and much remains to be done.


    4 hours ago, Dmytro said:

    Ya siento el retraso. 


    clearly must be released in the html5 version.

  2. 8 minutes ago, owoba said:

    si, deseo hacer eso 

    gracias hermano por tu apoyo para mí

    However, I think it is very complicated to do that, I think many have already suggested it, not impossible but it will take time.

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  3. Your suggestion looks very good, at the moment there is a power similar to that which is the Namecolor, however I think you want to improve it and look like the pawn of everypower with bright but in the colors of the nick, if I do not equivocate.

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