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  1. It is a good suggestion, I like it. Congratulations. @DUYGU
  2. Congratulations to the winner. Thank you for your contribution, my friend. @kevinlopez07
  3. Nycton

    579 PUZZLE

    Very good power. I liked. Congratulations to the creator.
  4. Happy birthday  @Anas

  5. Hi NoSense! I have followed your entries and they have been wonderful, they have a good finish and very good clarity. Congratulations, go ahead.
  6. I will test this, and I will give you an answer.
  7. I think it's a good idea to thank HTML5 and thus be aware of everything.
  8. Chat Box: Chat Background: Button color: #27515c
  9. Hello everyone. I was watching and observing the forum, I realized that at the moment of arriving the notifications only arrive if you are online directly. I explain myself, I enter from my cell phone and I have to be on the page to get the notifications of the forum, otherwise they do not arrive. Today I come to suggest the placement of notifications while offline without the page open. So people who can not be all day with an open forum tab and find out what happens, we always get notifications of what has been published and thus have more reaction when publishing something. I hope you like my suggestion. I receive constructive comments.
  10. Thank you for your report, it is a good template for people who occupy the ME power. @JasonOficial
  11. Nycton

    570 KING

    I like it! Well crafted @Miguel Yes? because?
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