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  1. Bom dia manin Não é necessário abrir um tópico sobre o assunto. Fala na Voluntters na MP Sorte manin
  2. Happy   Birthday ^^

  3. Happy Birthday (hug)

    1. Sergio


      Thanks Nycton!  (hug) 



  4. Hola Buenas tardes, espero que te encuentres bien. Con respeto a tu consulta, te refieres a tu Cuenta(ID), La ID de tu cuenta no se puede cambiar. Solo puedes cambiar tu nombre, o conseguir una nueva ID, la cual seria registrándote nuevamente. Si tienes algún bloqueo, pues me gustaría saber cual es para poder ayudarte. Espero tu pronta respuesta.
  5. Hi Very good drawings, it is a good suggestion, I hope it is taken by the administrators. Good luck, boy.
  6. Hi everyone Lately I have seen that many users have not learned that the HTML5 translator is already working correctly. Here I leave a series of steps to be able to use correctly and activate it. 1) "Click" on your nickname 2) Go to the "Settings" section 3) A box will open with several options, we click on "Translator" 4) Click on "Enable Translate" < This option must be activated, otherwise it will not work. 4.1) Select the language which is the CHAT. Spanish / English / Turkish / Arabic among others. 4.2) Select the language you speak. 4.3) The language you want to be translated 5) Finally "SAVE CHANGES" - To enjoy in the chat. The translator works for subscribers only. Once you have activated the translator, you can sign out and in again to translate earlier messages in the chat.
  7. Hi everyone. Time if post something. I was evaluating the response time of the staff here in the forum. It's good, but it can be better. How? I came up with the idea of creating a group in DISCORD which serves as support and help immediately, since many users are not permanently online in the forum and if in discord from their cell phone at any time and moment, to be able to give help. Many will say and where is the forum? The forum will continue to work the same way, only by discord you will have a faster and more immediate response, and you can create sections of help staff (support), collaborators, moderators, among others. I thought it would be a good idea, I await your comments.
  8. Hi You can honestly get to make a good power, it depends on the revival of users, but at first glance it is a "Repeated" power only now it is HTML5 and with other smilies. In the same way congratulations for the time and dedication you have taken to create and share this information. @Abrahan
  9. Goodnight friend @Erick Congratulations on the time and dedication you have had to create and share your idea of a new power of that kind. To my liking, it seems a VIABLE suggestion. I hope that for everyone or the vast majority it is like that. Greetings.
  10. ¡Happy Birthday! (goo)

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