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  1. Perfect, now it's something perfect, I like you a lot more now.
  2. It is a wonderful idea, I like it, it would be easier for everyone.
  3. As @Solange says, there is already a similar power I do not think it is necessary to create another with similar characteristics.
  4. Me gusta buen trabajo @Vevrok
  5. It looks good, you can search for tutorials on YouTube and learn how to design and complete your suggestion.
  6. Zorick

    571 KRIS

    They got a Christmas power: Oh, it's very good and has good stickers.
  7. it does not depend on the administrator of the xat forum, this depends on IPB, which are the owners and creators of the forum. But they could still add it to HTML5 and thus satisfy many users. It would not be a bad idea.
  8. Try writing to the private to see if he can help you by combining the fund.
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