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  1. 10 minutes ago, Stif said:


    Purple, Gold, Ruby, and Emerald are displayed in user's names when they type on chat.



    Far? It's just a few inches away from the main chat. If you don't look at it on the user list, moving it to the user's names will not change anything.



    Again, I understand your suggestion but I don't see the relevance in making such modifications. Doesn't seem that it would improve anything.

    shown as colors only not complet power pawn . we want it as same to how shown in users visitors  place  . i dont see this idea is bad . it can be its not that bad. few editing its fine 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Stif said:

    I understand your suggestion but I don't see relevance. It's not that bad.

    im trying to suggest and repporting what people telling me .  they feel annoying with translator in name

    at least this idea can dev or have other way.we can change translator in other way as how it is showing 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Stif said:

    The colored pawns are already being shown in user's names. What's the point of adding their relationships on the main chat if they're being displayed in the user list already?


    Adding it on the right side would look weird. Besides, it would be close to the user list, where colored pawns/relationships are already being shown.


    i didnt said colors  ,  i said lets add the relation  in the main  chat or adding at least the pawns of powers to show inside the chat  when you type  in chat .   because in the visitors list its very far and sometimes we dont look at it   .  ...


    about the right side we can delete pawns from visitors users so will not be a problem  .  its move to mainchat in right side 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Stif said:

    And what would removing it change? The symbol is an indication that you are using the translator application. Just like the Trade application symbol is displayed when you are using it.

    we can change it in other place or make it more little or we can use only from setting its enough no need to show in our name 

    because i saw some poeple said its show name ugly 

  5. hi . as we see at users place at chat. 

    who have powers  and have pawns its show only in visitors users place not inside chat. 

    i suggest to make the powers  pawns and relations pawns show inside chat in main chat..when user type show is bff or married or his power pawn too not just his rank color. and i suggest to be in right side not left 

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  6. hi as i see translator have bad show in name.i think . they should remove it   from name.we can use teanslator from setting without show it in our name

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  7. 1 hour ago, NoSense said:


    I did it for you,

    it's not like how you described it and I don't like it very much xD, but consider it a little thought of friendship (hug)









    omg :o you are very kind alee. i like it. you know im all time loving your drew .very cute. thanks alot(hug) u very friendly

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  8. 3 minutes ago, NoSense said:


    No problem, if you not feel bad u can always ask me if i can design a main smiley, i not have nothing to do XD

    or just give more Details...graphics, something to show ;) if u can't just be more constructive (but i understand that u was without...) what others not understand


    i'm happy to help you, or support like u say it, u know i always like fantasize, (smirk) and i repeat i can drew for you...


    i will message you to drew  for me things big thanks again 

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  9. 3 minutes ago, NoSense said:

    ahahahah wow...

    sound cute, thanks for posting!!

    i like it really, nice idea not bad, i just imagine the effect on the name, can be very cute for the girls, and i just hope it will like the price of namecolor, always man's powers.. something very cute for girls, we need it!!

    congratulation i really enjoy your wonderful idea


    thank you!! 

    big thanks for your support thats make me feel happy and work more for new other suggestions.i like  smart people as you  who like to see  new things and work for it.ty

  10. 1 hour ago, Stif said:


    Are you suggesting something like nameflag but with flowers and stars instead of flags?


    Also, when posting suggestions, make sure that you're following these steps. This guide is for you to provide a detailed suggestion, which contributes to a better understanding of your idea.



    @Ethan summed it up very well. Also, be polite and appropriate when using the forum. This is an open place to discuss suggestions to improve xat and we hope to see a constructive conversation between users.


    Thank you.

    yes exectly you got the idea @Stif

    3 hours ago, David said:

    Asking for clarification shouldn’t be taken offensively, and when you take offense to that it creates an even more toxic environment that makes people not want to support your suggestions.


    I think I understand your idea, and if what I’m reading is correct, then this may not be a new suggestion. What makes your suggestion stand out from the others? I don’t think anyone means it maliciously when they ask for more details or a picture.

    well explain needed if idea not clear .but i said it clearly . so what i should do if some people have no idea about powers and suggest? there is professionals people who can get it fast . like @Maxoand @Stifand @NoSense


    45 minutes ago, Solange said:

    All the posts that were related to the drama caused by some users here have been hidden.


    Take this as a first warning, if some of you keep causing drama and being rude to others, this thread will simply be closed and you may receive a warning by a forum moderator.


    New replies must be related to the suggestion from now on.


    Thank you.

    as solange  said pls we are here to share info about new suggestion we dont need drama or fight. if u have any new idea coment  here . if not so pls leave  my post in peace .ty all . @Solangety  dear for this point.

    33 minutes ago, NoSense said:

    Nice Suggestion! 

    thanks alee

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  11. 46 minutes ago, iSavage said:

    I agree with Bob. I don't really understand the idea and what is the purpose of it. I would really appreciate it if you could please explain in more detail. Visual aids are worth including in your suggestion because they can help you explain information more coherently which makes it easier for you and easier for us as this can increase the understanding of your topic.

    https://imgur.com/Pk3np1D.png  in place of this light moving in name wave we add with it stars or flowers so will show in your namewave more effections . its very clear.

  12. hi i have idea. 

    new power that can allow us to use more effections in name.

    like some symbols flowers and stars and  ....

    not just this light moving in namewave .i  mean this new power will need namewave to work and will show flowers or other effections moving like stars .... . 

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