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  1. the problem of  right and left problem in arabic language is already fixed in html5 so  when you type arabic in html5 will show in right way 

    this bug was only in flash version 

  2. hi , can you please clean browser  cookies and try to register again 

    do you have already account  ! if yes so is it with this email that you tried to register with it can you make login! 

     i suggest you to make gmail account if your email not works, because gmail is the most supported in xat

    for more info you can contact me at my forum profile or at xat xat mosa3adeh or oceanproject 

  3. hi ,  you know flash version have some bugs we cants fix it    ,  i suggest you to use html5 in that chat  by adding   " ?new "  in your chat link  for ex = xat.com/chat?new

    and there is other way to fix that by using other browser like chrome or opera are the best  .you can also link me thet chat name to try to help you more 

  4. its traditional we use it at arabic home in algeria tunisia morroco turkey 


    oriental arabic bride and hands hanna


    orientel arabic knif  used at algeria syria morroco turkey  tunisia yaman libia lobanan and and and



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  5. 1 hour ago, Voymo said:

    I think you meant. "Inside box", not "inside books". I don't want to be rude, but I wrote this to make it more understandable for everyone. I agree this takes up space it shouldn't (as of now). Now, Flower, you can already move the player inside box. But that doesn't help against the fact that it is "inside box" (convering up messages and content)!

    This is especially annoying if you are a moderator or owner at a chat and need to be able to keep track of everything going on.


    My suggestion is make the video player be like on Discord as part of the message. I. e. for example Flower sends me a message in PC containing a youtube video and that video will be stuck to her message as part of her message and only visible when looking at my chat with her. I mean, I can only see the video when I click the tab with the private chat with Flower.


    As stated, I'd love to see a similar concept the "Pop-up viewer" uses for the side apps (moveable around the chat box with a title bar, with a close button on it).

    as  i  told u  can agree for your idea if we can get resize it by our self  so thats will not be annoying 

    and i s i said before there is new t update soon  we nee to look it  before this youtube suggestion bcz everything will be change

    even at inside box or out side 

    html5 will have  other look not as flash at all so we  need to wait 

  6. @Voymo im not agree with player be inside box its take all space and not let u see messages 

    i cant agree  only if  u can resize it by your self so u can put size thats not annoying for you

    and soon there is new update about some things will be inside box and other new adding in out side of box  everything will be change soon 


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  7. hi , the maximium default messages saved by setting  are  20 

    if you want more messages to see them you can use bot and type !logs and the number of messages that u want to see 

        for example :  !logs 200

  8. 35 minutes ago, Jasminex said:

    What's the point of a forum if we become invisible? If you want to be invisible then simply sign out and keep roaming the forum as a guest. You can even reply to posts if you're a guest (Requires Moderator Approval Though).

    And you have the option to ignore annoying people, go there https://forum.xat.com/ignore/ and put the username. 


    my words to admin it was clear  i said that admin not any users

    12 minutes ago, xLaming said:



    Actually you can't make your profile private, it will always be public.


    But you can:

    1. Don't show others when you follow someone



    2. Disable your profile followers system



    3. Disable "Recent visitors" from your profile



    4. You can disable your messenger, click here: https://forum.xat.com/messenger/ then click "Disable my messenger"


    5. You can block annoying users - https://forum.xat.com/ignore/


    6. You can log in anonymously, you just need to check the option "Sign in anonymously" on your next login



    I don't think that "private profiles" should be implemented, since it's something public, it being private would be like a xatspace saying that you are not allowed to see their content.

    i know we can disable messanger but im talking about all forum profile not just messanger 

    why not invisible or  privet like to show only for staff and peoples who we follow its not something hard

    block option is better then  adding in ignore list 

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