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  1. 3 hours ago, lcky said:

    can we please have a small IDs auction on 15th anniversary of xat .


    what you say guys 


    or anyone has any better idea to celebrate this special day ??


    please suggest

    We already have  this type of contest auction every year 

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  2. @LaFleur forum having big or its some problems from my side ,

     I do post or comment  i click to save it its saying saving............. without end . When i refresh so  i see its sent already 

  3. Hi , the xatspace  is still in developing so i wish they add some options like : adding visitors list with adding time  : user visited u 1 heure ago .... user online at your  xatspace.. other idea is adding status posts to allow us post at xatspace with real time  every day .

    i wish too to add little books that we can  let message or comment for the owner of xatspace that we are online on it. @LaFleur @Admin

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  4. 36 minutes ago, Page said:


    It means a few things to me.

    Friendships, because I got to meet amazing people.


    Knowledge, because every day I learn something new in xat.


    Beware, not only take care of who we love but also take care of false and interested people.


    Love, because I met the love of my life here.

    And last and not least; 

    Work, I love doing what I do, my work on Wiki, XatRadio, Forum and xat.

    This is what xat means to me.

    Thanks Love GIF


    Omg @Page i was saying oh god let me see someone who can give good answer that i search for , and now u gave the answer that i want . What a cool words. I feel good that you are happy at xat .

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  5. On 8/8/2021 at 9:52 PM, xLaming said:

    Nice job,


    I like how it's fully custom,


    We could have a button to export/import data(settings), this would be definitly a good help for xatspace designers!

    I suggested  a button  like this  its good  but  they need time to do it.  In other updates  im sure it will be .

  6. On 8/7/2021 at 12:05 AM, Bau said:

    Is awesome, I like it, Perfect profile xat. 8-)

    Suggestion - Social Media can be added.
    xat.com/               [name of the chat]
    xat.wiki/                [Name of any page wiki, power you like, any useful stuff]
    Tiktok.com/          [name of the tiktok]
    website:                [Link, name and Icons of the website]

    Social Media: It would also be useful if you could add more social networks of facebook, twitter, and others. [It is helpful for all those who have two or more facebook, twitter accounts. . .]
    Website: Against fraud/scam it can be done in the same way that a promotion banner is approved before it is used and appears to the public. Or [be optional for paid or trusted users].


    After i suggested things  , they accepted and  soon will be new stuff added not just those things u said.  We will have  great xatspace

    Lafleur  dont stop  giving us cute things (victory) we approciate his hard work. Thanks alot. There is no words to thank u for ur time and work .  I cant even imagine xat without you @LaFleur we love u(hug)

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