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  1. Celebration of  15th xat anniversary admin did  special event of store ,with price 15/100 down and event  ended this day. I wish people enjoyed it. 

  2. Thanks for @Admin for special event lastnight best store price for powers.it was for few heures but its great.i got my powers 

  3. @MaxoOur condolences to you, we are all in solidarity with you and love you, we hope that God will make your father in heaven. We are sorry for ur lost

    1. Maxo


      Thank you so much honey (hug) lah yrham lwalidin

    2. theFlower


      @Maxo(hug)(blowkiss) amin allah yja3alhom man chohada fi janat  na3im amine 

    3. Maxo


      lahoma amin ya rabi merci bcp zin

  4. Sometimes you do a great thing to people that they were looked at it hardly before,but who care , noone nothing.

    But you will feel in same time (i did it because this is me and for humanity i cant change im just so cool )

    1. David


      thank u flower, very cool

    2. theFlower
  5. This day im so sick my head and allergy . My phone sucks, i was going to send u message and i sent it to loba .


    1. Lemona


      :( Get well soon! 

    2. theFlower


      Thanks baby  <3 i will 

  6. This queen is my queen , she is my own thing no one can touch it :$

  7. When  you try to change a thing one time and 2 and 3 and it wont change, so let is as it is and leave it,because it will never change naturaly its like this

  8. Im so sad , xat without you is 0 :@, im so scared im worried about you:(. Why leave us all that time. .u didnt used  to be off all that .. i pray for allah safe you. I wish  u back soon and u are fine inshallah:'(

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    2. theFlower


      @Bauhi bau

      I wish he  is in vacation not a bad things  happen .

      He is my hero:$

    3. Bau


      It's nice to know when someone cares and wants the best for us.:$

    4. theFlower


      @Bau u are special for me too i care about you. But u never accepted me so im not your fav .


    1. Cobradeserto


      I love the music. thanks (blowkiss)

    2. theFlower


      You are welcome amigo(blowkiss)

  10. It is  hard to find friend as you

  11. Amigo:$

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    2. Cobradeserto


      eu adoro ser teu amigo 

    3. Cobradeserto


      I love being your friend

    4. theFlower


      Me too amigo i love you

  12. Today at xat i made  cutest namegrad color designed by myself


  13. Lastnight was worest day in algeria in all life.

    Killing.  fire  .terrorist . burnt animals   . Died people. hauses broken ans and and ...

    Allah safe algeria  

  14. Algeria now.

    Pray for us


  15. Pray for my country algeria. Algeria got burnt with big fire everywhere. Allah safe us  help u .

  16. Happy new year for muslims and arabs(blowkiss)welcome new year 1443

    I wish health and luck and happiness for all muslims and arabs  allah yahmikom.

  17. Hi my hero happy birthday. Wish you the happiness and health  and  livong  100 years with what you wish.

     Allah  yaatik saha  wa yahmik  (hug)eid milad said

    1. LaFleur


      Thank you Flower, much appreciated!! (hug)

  18. Happy eid  adha for all muslims(blowkiss)eid adha mubarak kol 3am antom bikhayr.   Eid  said ala kol oma islamiya  .(hug)

    1. Maxo


      Happy eid azin (hug)(hug)(hug) 

    2. theFlower


      @Maxokol 3am wa anta  ekhir  zin dyali(blowkiss)umwaaaaah   yn3ad alikom bkol khir  wbach tmanit ya rab 

    3. Maxo
  19. Arafat mobaraka muslims . Happy arafa  . Allah accept your fasting.(blowkiss)

  20. every one who loves you,  he need something from you  ,thats it .no one loves you because he care about you or you are special for him . :)

    1. Vilen


      I think you've been in bad company, try to make good friends for a change.

    2. theFlower


      @Vilen i worked hard to get good friends  but never got access on that  :( they are   cheating and not care and fake friends and and and ...:(

  21. this is  day is anniversary of my dady death 

    i wish allah make him in  heaven having  happy time there:'(

    i love  you papito  you are in my mind in my heart in my  all life  everywhere every time  night  and day . cant stop thinking about you.  i cant forget you(wailing) im having  so bad mood so  bad  depression without you :(


  22. hi gm for all muslims(blowkiss)

    we finished fasting ramadan i wish allah accept our fasating   allah  yatakabal siyamakom wa kiyamakom  wa salih  a3malakom  (hug)

    happy eid for all muslims (victory) , eid said  kol 3am  wa antom bekhir yan3ad alikom bekol khir  wa baraka  wa siha  wa afiya   wa allah  yohakik amanikom   8-)

    allah protect palestine

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. theFlower


      @SapphireOfficialpls if u dont have what to say dont send those ugly smiles at my profile ty  

    3. theFlower


      @Maxo zin awachrak mubarak eid said mubarak  ta3ayad bsaha w lkhir  (blowkiss)(hug)

    4. Maxo


      lah ybark fik azin 3lina w 3likom (hug)(hug) 

  23. omg someone have birthday today guess who is guess guess guess guess

    oh its queen of my heart


    happy  birthday dear queen 

    i wish u all best wish for u health and luck and your dream come true sweetness(blowkiss)

    im proud to have u as friend

    u are special for me and u  know what

    i love you alot  i cant be in xat without u 

    xat boring and u made  it alive 

    i love you from mu heart u know how much i love u

    im happy to have as friend  not fake  and i found u when i need u and u were kind to me and cute

    a beutiful queen ever u supported me all time and u accepted me as im even with my bad side 

    enjoy your birthday my queen Happy Birthday Dancing GIF by Just  Dance

    1. Lemona


      QUEEN!!! ❤️


      Thank you for your sweet and kind words but most of all, thank YOU for making my day so special on Help! The background, the music and the great DJ'ing from @DjHyperHouse was something that I'll never forget.


      You are special to me too because I think I'm one of few people who can actually understand you. Despite your "bad side", your haters or your stubbornness, I believe you have a big heart. You hate lying, you love speaking your mind without boundaries and you hate listening to people that tell you what to do. If there was anything I could wish for from you, it would be to start listening to the people that care about you... like me. I hate seeing you get hurt or you being too dramatic or people being rude to you too, but each and every one of us have our own areas of improvement and I will work hard to ensure that you can be better too. My door/private chat is open for you and you know I'm always willing to hearing you out. You're fun to be around and I'm glad you're still here. We all make mistakes but mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating. 


      Thank you again! Love you!  🌸

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