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    1. Queen_Sofia


      I don't know French but I enjoyed it! Thanks (blowkiss)

       I've heard her other song Dernière Danse.

    2. theFlower


      (hug)for you dear  yes i made those songs in the radio  3 times 


    1. Enge


      thank you  Nice song habiba(blowkiss)

  3. Spoiler


    :$hi (hug)happy birthday enjoy your day(cute)  you are chibani now (maniac)

    1. Maxo


      Thank you (hug) haha yes i'm chibani :$ 

    2. theFlower


      (maniac)(hug)hhhahaha where is my part of cake (d)  !!

    3. Maxo


      come to take it  :$ 


     @DUYGU for you askim 

    1. DUYGU


      This is song best turkish song, Thank you Flower aşkım  (hug) 

    2. theFlower


      thanks askim i like it too its make me happy  


    5479 profile views8-)  famous profile 



    5483 profile views people keep following me 8-)

  7. :$ yupppppp 

     im   Advanced Members8-)

  8. 2020 and people still dont know what is follow and what is ignore

    here at my forum  some people  who hate me but they come to follow my profile as they know follow  = ignore and they keep visit my profile too and they say they dont care about me (toj)

    who lost his brain me or them



    1. Cherry


      Now you made me laugh ... I want you crazy(blowkiss)





    2. theFlower


      (d) i said no talk no no no 

      go talk to him :(

      i told you before if i talk to you more i be crazy as you(toj)

    3. theFlower
  9. after i talked to admin 

     now  i know him more

    thanks admin @Admin for all the help and being good friend

    thanks for your time thanks for all what you do for us 

    you are great person im happy that im your friend 


  10. day by day i love her more @Enge she show me whats real friendship is

    im really happy to have her as bff  and im sad because i didnt know her all those years before

    if i  love her all my life thats not enough  for her 

    there is nothing in this life that  i can give her  because she deserve everything 

    she have heart of angel and  very friendly 

    i really i cant say how cute is she

    love u  engita  @Enge


    1. Enge


      depositphotos_81932604-stock-illustration-you-are-my-best-friend.jpgLOVE YOU MY SISTER @theFlower(blowkiss)

    2. theFlower


      (blowkiss)  i  love you alot

  11. dont try to be very kind with others(ok)

    because people used to be normal they cant understand you if you be very kind(shrug), thats will be annoying for them;)

  12. happy ashourah for arabs muslims and Christians 

    enjoy your day allah accept your pray (blowkiss)

  13. happy birthday . i wish for you all the happy things in your life .enjoy your day(hug)(blowkiss)

    iyi ki doğdun . senin için hayatındaki tüm mutlu şeyleri diliyorum.
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag . Ich wünsche Ihnen alle glücklichen Dinge in deine Leben. Genießen Sie deine Tag
    (hug)love you friend best staff 

  14. happy eid for all muslims

      eid adha mubarek  (blowkiss)takabala allah siyamakom w salih a3malikom wa adhiyatikom(blowkiss)

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    2. Eylem


      Eid mubarak my dear 💋💋♥️♥️(hug)(blowkiss)

    3. theFlower


      @elya(blowkiss) thanks eid mobarek

    4. theFlower


      @EyLemThanks  eid mubarek(blowkiss)

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