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  1. happy ashourah for arabs muslims and Christians 

    enjoy your day allah accept your pray (blowkiss)

  2. happy new year for all muslims and arabs (blowkiss)

  3. happy eid for all muslims

      eid adha mubarek  (blowkiss)takabala allah siyamakom w salih a3malikom wa adhiyatikom(blowkiss)

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    2. Eylem


      Eid mubarak my dear 💋💋♥️♥️(hug)(blowkiss)

    3. theFlower


      @elya(blowkiss) thanks eid mobarek

    4. theFlower


      @EyLemThanks  eid mubarek(blowkiss)

  4. happy birthday . i wish for you all the happy things in your life .enjoy your day(hug)(blowkiss)

    iyi ki doğdun . senin için hayatındaki tüm mutlu şeyleri diliyorum.
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag . Ich wünsche Ihnen alle glücklichen Dinge in deine Leben. Genießen Sie deine Tag
    (hug)love you friend best staff 

  5. i love my cute sister  (blowkiss)allah protect you  i love you GIF

    1. elya


      siiis me too :$ tatlim 💙Love GIF by swerk

    2. theFlower


      hyatim askim bebegem kardsim abla (blowkiss) 

    3. elya
  6. this is special day for us

    happy independence Day for algeria

    happy freedom(blowkiss)

  7. when i feel im right about what i do in my life  i cant change my self to other way just to make peoples happy about me  , i cant do that because its called i will be fake 

  8. lastnight  03.07.2020 was special day for algeria

     after all that longe time ,we back our angels who died in French war against Algeria

     we will not cry we will celebrate and be happy  because they died for us to make us free

    welcome angels to algeria the country that you gaved your soul for it

    live in paradise forever allah yarham chohada (blowkiss)

    tahya jazayer  7ora 

  9. stiffo baby congrt for wiki editor  rank (blowkiss)you deserve it and more ,

    we are happy for you 

    1. Stif


      Thank you! (blowkiss)

    2. theFlower


      (blowkiss)yw  love you stifo

  10. sometimes even we have bad life or we be sad or have problems, we be happy also and we forgot anything bad in our life when we meet good friends as cherrry  @CH3RRY

    a veces incluso tenemos mala vida o estamos tristes o tenemos problemas, también somos felices y olvidamos cualquier cosa mala en nuestra vida cuando nos encontramos con buenos amigos como @CH3RRY

    1. Cherry


      @theFlower:oWOW THANK YOU🤦😻I greatly admire your ability to be happy even in the most difficult moments. You are an amazing person, I did not think we could be friends and inseparable as we are now. You have become an essential part of my cyber world. Whatever happens, you will have me by your side. I love you so much my girl.💚👭


    2. theFlower


      i love you too dear , we started as crazy peoples in xat test chat , we  looks crazy and we understand each other , the best thing we have at our friendship is the respect and love from heart 

      @CH3RRYtambién te amo querida, comenzamos como locos en el chat de prueba xat, nos vemos locos y nos entendemos, lo mejor que tenemos en nuestra amistad es el respeto y el amor de corazón

    3. Cherry


      Crazy, Free and Happy!



  11. happy eid for all muslims

    enjoy your da i wish you happy things in this 3 days of eid

    allah accept your pray and fasting (blowkiss)

    1. Maxo


      Eid mubarak said (blowkiss) 

    2. theFlower


      (blowkiss)eid mubarak 

  12. happy eid for all muslims who have eid in this day

    enjoy your day i wish good day 

    allah  accept your fasting and your pray (blowkiss)

  13. happy birthday

  14. happy ramadan for all  muslims 8-)

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    2. NIC0LAS


      @theFloweri guess they didnt see this post (scn)

    3. theFlower


      maybe (scn)no idea! 

    4. Eylem


      Thank you @theFlower, I really appreciate it♥️

  15. im special @Geordie only geo know why and how

    others soon you will know what  i mean by im special :$

  16. we are twins  @DUYGU

    1. DUYGU


      Flower dear  (hug)

    2. theFlower


      my askim dear  (hug)


     @DUYGU for you askim 

    1. DUYGU


      This is song best turkish song, Thank you Flower aşkım  (hug) 

    2. theFlower


      thanks askim i like it too its make me happy  

  18. why you not at xat anymore! 

  19. im with you and you with me forever (blowkiss) love you askim  my bff

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