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Bug Comments posted by theFlower

  1. 48 minutes ago, Dimple said:

    I confirm yes they don’t work to @theFlower and for @Zaki also, we were on HTML5 chat to try it many times but is not working to them the xavi changes. Even they Save it and Refresh the browser. But for me it’s working.

    thats true dear thanks for your help and for you idea . we tried but we can do nothing its  bug

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  2. 11 hours ago, SLOom said:

    This is a problem with the latest fix that was added to filter bad characters in glow codes.


    We forgot about "+" and "-", so by default they will be removed/not counted in the glow code (that's why you have a yellow name instead).


    The issue should be fixed in the next version.



    thanks for information.  i aprrociate it. 

  3. 46 minutes ago, Stif said:

    Then take a screenshot please. Is it happening in all the chats you enter?


    Can you explain what you do that makes you unable to talk on chat sometimes or it just happens?

    in all chats yes . i send message i can see my  message writed but i do refresh i find nothing sent

    but i can see people talking and i can see messages at my pc (hmm)   when i go with guest name i can type no bug     http://prntscr.com/v7z1q5   https://prnt.sc/v60m1x  he didnt saw my pc but my messages there   https://prnt.sc/v60joj i sent in main message   i refresh i find nothing and wont send 

     one time got  30 mnt to back normal this day i get this issue all time and i back and i get it again its not have special time  

  4. 54 minutes ago, Mister said:

    This happens to me whenever I first enter the chat (on the day).

    To solve ... I leave and enter the chat (clicking exit), without closing the browser, so i don't lose the received messages (pv) and i can type normal.

     but when i use guest name i can type (hmm)    only with my account i cant  type but i can see people messaging me in pc and i can see them talking in main  but  my message wont send 

    47 minutes ago, Stif said:

    Can you explain your routine while accessing the chat before being unable to send messages?


    A gif would be welcome.

     but when i use guest name i can type     only with my account i cant  type but i can see people messaging me in pc and i can see them talking in main  but  my message wont send 

    sometimes take 30 mnt to back fix problem sometimes time to time back i cant type 

    about  gif i can use only prnt  pic 

  5. i tried   gif/ vedio  but  i have bug my laptop wont work well i cant use it 

    as i said when i finish days at my names and i go get new days  code name colors wont work show my name without powers!!! until i change the code with other so its work @Stif i already told u that and i showed u prnt u and @LaFleur

  6. yes still broken 

     and i cant vedio prnt now  bcz i need to finish my days first after i get new days the name codes get broken and wont give me color at all only if i change it 

    i already gave you prnt longe time ago 

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