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  1. @Crow yes i mean that but i know its hard for vols but i think its good idea if we can vote for staff in every chat i mean like to have special vote in every chat the main owner should make it or admin
  2. oooTheflowerooo (1531162882)
  3. oh i thought that one that i test it before ok good we are waiting
  4. omg no no no no dont tell me its same game that i test it before its bad and hard do other game
  5. theFlower


    i dont like this idea but can be like super hat ( for hat and hats) collection power
  6. :'(hobi miss u where are  u  my love 

  7. @xLaming lol yeah true but rules for all i wish those mainowner or vol or any higher staff respect theire place as staff and do the job
  8. hi what is your favorite staff from( vol, mainowner;owner;mod...... all staff ) lets see who is the famous staff in xat world
  9. i wont tell names bu i already in the past did a ticket and found nothing done but its ok i just want those poeples respect more rules thats all @Crow
  10. @Crow about mainowner// or any staff not all of them accept the repport sometimes they ignore you sometimes busy sometimes they say we can do nothing sometimes those poepels are theire friends so they wont ban them sometimes u can see the main is rude or he broke rules so
  11. hi , well im at xat for long time but i see staff (vol ,mainowner ,owner, mod .....) some of them they broke rules thats weird if you are as staff and you dont respect!!! as i said this post is not for repport its just to talk about that problem that sometimes happen in xat world
  12. what about 4 bots lol its normal what about 4 bots lol its normal you can ask masha about that @Masha !!
  13. @NIC0LAS its little strong but its cool
  14. i think vote system is good the idea is to allow users to vote for those who are staff if they be staff or get demoted and vote for those new staff who gonna be and vols and also the idea for the vols too but if this idea can be the mainowner should after the vote can see if he add new staff if they deserve or delete some those who dont respect rules or dont deserve to be staff for a reason
  15. hi i wish we can have this idea (RECENT PROFILE VISITORS) why they dont add that to xat space and xat groupe chats !!! like to develope the geo maps more coding for xat like to back the old one that was with flash ..bcz the one with html5 is bad
  16. hi if your friend go only some heures or munites so he can use away and we already had this power but if u mean for days so he is offline this idea what u talk about cant be
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