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  1. im thinking to work in new bot for xat do you think its good idea ! my own bot i know its hard but
  2. (blowkiss)dear congrt  

  3. 2020 and people still dont know what is follow and what is ignore

    here at my forum  some people  who hate me but they come to follow my profile as they know follow  = ignore and they keep visit my profile too and they say they dont care about me (toj)

    who lost his brain me or them



    1. CH3RRY


      Now you made me laugh ... I want you crazy(blowkiss)





    2. theFlower


      (d) i said no talk no no no 

      go talk to him :(

      i told you before if i talk to you more i be crazy as you(toj)

    3. theFlower
  4. theFlower

    my own work

    my first work not great but its fine
  5. my forum profile is famous alot of  people visit my profile evey  heure everyday8-)

  6. he is my king :$

  7. thanks i try now i need time to see if this problem back or no but now its ok thanks dear
  8. hi i saw if i open trunslator in one chat and open other chats or other site or anything trunslator stop working at all why!:
  9. congrt @Solange and all what i want to say i wish you solange to be good vol and help users i wish you will give time to the xat world good luck
  10. thats good me too same i try also cooking and clean everywhere i try to teach people some stuff i try change some stuff at my home the things i dont need i give them to poor people too i buy some stuff to poor people too but i still feel boring at home
  11. yeah true internet vry slow those days bcz its free for all
  12. the only  one i understand from people is im bad person ok  !! i  got it allright


    but the thing i didnt understand  why they follow me and copy me

    (maniac)im i sick in my head or they are sick  

    one of us not normal  (toj) 

  13. from tommorow my city in Quarantine we cant go out anymore 

  14. no problem @Maverick
  15. well after i saw the prnt and the ticket your profile was deleted for innap and vols as they said to you you need to pay 1000 xats to back it again its rules from xat even the vols they cant help you for that its rules for all from admin
  16. hi explain more please what happen ! who asked you 1000 xats who deleted your xatspace !
  17. @Angelo rude boy dont send or i tell cami
  18. http://prntscr.com/rmru56 @Admin @Crow @Angelo he said contest for all the admin pay for it and i told him i cant speak spanish he write alot orf words and trunslator wont trunslate but blacky wont care
  19. after i talked to admin 

     now  i know him more

    thanks admin @Admin for all the help and being good friend

    thanks for your time thanks for all what you do for us 

    you are great person im happy that im your friend 


  20. hi there is news new virus called hanta its come from the mouse in china so pls be careful dont touch any mouse or any animal clean hause
  21. thanks dear crow i aprecciate it @Crow
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