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  1. ruby the best have special code of name color xd good why! why!
  2. 1 (what do you think about working as vol is it special thing !) 2 ( what if you are as vol or as staff and your best friend he made broke rules will you ban and block him !!! or will you help im !!! ) 3( what do you want be in xat vol or mainowner or something other you want be tell us !)
  3. @LaFleur in html5 we have space and page big so what do you think if we have more things there like adding xatspace or forum page or like xatbook for more info about xat and news or anything because we have space in right and left and in up and down
  4. tickle place is very annoying pls move it te end of right or left in middle is anoying and colors problem still not fixed and connection issue
  5. oooTheflowerooo (1531162882)
  6. happy eid for all muslims

    enjoy your da i wish you happy things in this 3 days of eid

    allah accept your pray and fasting (blowkiss)

    1. Maxo


      Eid mubarak said (blowkiss) 

    2. theFlower


      (blowkiss)eid mubarak 

  7. hi welcome if you have still this prolem so the code is broken you can give me the oroginal vedio and i fix the code for you as i see your code now its not right its wrong code send me oroginal youtube vedio link in message or here
  8. happy eid for all muslims who have eid in this day

    enjoy your day i wish good day 

    allah  accept your fasting and your pray (blowkiss)

  9. we can make it bigger or we can have the option of resize your self your chat so thats gonna be good too
  10. i know that i did all of that i tried at html5 and flash i tried t o close al chats and make login and tried to change codes and name too space still apear
  11. yes still broken and i cant vedio prnt now bcz i need to finish my days first after i get new days the name codes get broken and wont give me color at all only if i change it i already gave you prnt longe time ago
  12. happy birthday

  13. of cours hats is avialable and codes i know how they work im smart dont worry but this space problem i dont know how i get it in the end of codes wont close as i saw you its broken
  14. http://prntscr.com/sgxsu8 https://prnt.sc/sgyp0l https://prnt.sc/sgyp0l in the end of glow or when i add hat wont close be like this flow(glow#rb#0000# or (hat#h# without ) close
  15. yes exactly even i delete it again back and codes get broken
  16. hi i have problem in my name i have space and codes broken i delete space and its back first time i said maybe bcz codes are longe i tried little codes and its same why i got this bug this bug in html5 and flash too
  17. Ok stifo thanks @Stif i test it now with html5 its same bug
  18. yes its broke my codes bcz there is alot of space and codes should not be longe is that bug at html5 too or no !!!!!
  19. hi i have problem in my name i have space and codes broken i delete space and its back first time i said maybe bcz codes are longe i tried little codes and its same http://prntscr.com/sgxsu8 why i got this bug
  20. i dont think you understoon my words i said hugs will be in that gifs and smiles list in the gif icon all together
  21. @Abrahan hi this idea already suggested by me with other way and the admin looked at it and he work on it soon will be smielies and stickers and gifs at the smile ligne there but not in 8ball place
  22. hi , im sory to hear that you got annoying by someone. if thats happen in xat chat you can click in his name and click ignore so he will not pc you again . and if that happen at forum click in his message click repport , give the proof there with screenshot and what is the rule that he broke . as stiff said you can also click his name and go to his pictur go to inapp option and repport there too . but dont forget if there is no proof so there is nothing we can do ty for your repport
  23. i agree some of them good but not all not everyone who is staff means he is friendly or helpful u can see rude and bad staff someone staffs they not active and not helpfull so u can agree with my idea im sure
  24. theFlower


    resize gifs with yuor self by clicking is nice idea too @Cupim i agree with you mainowner can allow to get gifs or no or we can get only some special gifs in all chats in xat for not get innap probems and bad gifs
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