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    yes something like that we need to mix smilies in the gif list @Admin Little icon of gifs and gifs should be not big too so we can see messages in chat and pc or the gifs should be show under the smile list @Admin @Cupim@xLaming
  2. i agree with you most of them i would say are perfect but not all those names sorry
  3. theFlower

    my work new

    ok brother ok dear
  4. theFlower

    my work new

    if you have pcback power i give you free background for you if you have pcback power i give you free background for you
  5. welcome im happy to see those words from you
  6. H&M is great i like it too zara is great yes
  7. i dont like game at all
  8. theFlower


    @Admin http://prntscr.com/se42g6 shoudl be like this you can also add xat smiles there with gifs too so you can delete the other place of xat smiles and you will have free place to add other things as i said before we can add gifs from powers or some famous gifs i mean limited gifs get added not all for not get the innap problem for gifs or bad gifs not in 8ball i suggested the other side of the chat in same place http://prntscr.com/se42g6
  9. happy ramadan for all  muslims 8-)

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      @theFloweri guess they didnt see this post (scn)

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      maybe (scn)no idea! 

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      Thank you @theFlower, I really appreciate it♥️

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  10. yeah true its really annoying when its moving and hurt eyes i dont think its cute normal status color better if we do something we can have status grad better
  11. i dont support that first we need like status animate power for make this power work as moving so its bad idea secend this power will need also like gifs for work too as animated gif pic in your name people will not support that for to pay alot of that power
  12. thanks for info exin now good suggestion
  13. thats not idea give more information to understand please and make some prnts
  14. i have bug when i be without days and i get days again i lost my namecolor wont work only if change the code color http://prntscr.com/rz3q41
  15. there is bug in power springe time https://prnt.sc/ryq1uk this hat look like green http://prntscr.com/ryq67m wont work red
  16. theFlower

    bug red

    there is bug in power springe time https://prnt.sc/ryq1uk this hat look like green http://prntscr.com/ryq67m wont work red
  17. coisa que você fala não é verdade vols são usuários que ajudam todos e para qualquer coisa têm relação com o xat não há amigos para responder no ticket existem regras para todos e todos os usuários recebem ajuda dos Vols quanto possível você precisa esperar para obter resposta e a ajuda e não fique com raiva, apenas acalme-se logo você ficará feliz com o que deseja deles thing that you talk about is not true vols are users who help every one and for anything have relation about xat there is no friends for answer in ticket there is rules for all and all users get help from vols as they can you need to wait to get answer and the help and dont be angry just calm soon you will get happy for what you want from them please click here for to get help about protection https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Tickle clique aqui para obter ajuda sobre proteção go login and click tickle answer the question and after go login again and choose protection when change internet vá para o login e clique em tickle responda à pergunta e depois vá novamente ao login e escolha proteção ao alterar a internet
  18. oi qual é o seu bilhete sobre qual é o problema e como podemos ajudá-lo você sabe que os vols estão ocupados, eles trabalham muito, você precisa esperar um pouco para obter resposta não é só você quem fez o ingresso e há muitos problemas por favor aguarde e você receberá a ajuda hi whats your ticket about whats the problem and how we can help you you know the vols are busy they work alot you need to wait little time to get answer its not just you who made ticket and there is alot of problems please wait and you will get the help
  19. well from 2010 i was at xat 2010...2014 was the best years and now we lost alot of users and xat seams boring and some people feel got annoying and so my idea for admin i think he can stop searching and working for new look of xat in html5 i know thats not gonna make new users come but at least thats gonna not make him lost more users in the futur as my idea and what i see more staff at forum or xat world are dont deserve rank or rank for friends only sometimes people feel annoying with ban some other users are annoying harrasing each other and and .. the best idea for admin @Admin is restore the server of xat bring new rules and think about new system how should xat work for make users feel good and not leave xat make new list if staff for who deserve it or at least make new rules for to be staff this is my idea and im sorry if i was rude or i didnt explained more about what i mean..
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